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Why Meditate

The condition of most peoplesí minds is  wild. Randomly it jumps from thought to thought, and those thoughts are often of things the thinker would rather not have in their head, thoughts that are often detrimental, cause a bad mental state, and even a bad physical state. The incessant flowing of these (often negative) thoughts is hard to control and the harder one tries to control them the more likely they are to occur.

The mind gets habituated to these thoughts and reinforces them with more of the same. In this way the untrained mind, like a wild monkey, becomes master over its owner (you), and, if you are amongst the majority that are occupied with thoughts of a negative quality, the wild monkey mind is generally running your life way below what you are capable of.

Often we are not even fully aware of all the thoughts we have throughout the day. They run as mental noise in the background, but as they do, they affect our psychological and physical states. They color our lives according to their quality, and as we go through life, that color deepens. With meditation, this changes. With meditation the truth of things becomes clear. With meditation the flow of unwanted thoughts will start to slow down and lessen. In time the mind will become clear, tranquil, still.


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What Is Meditation

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