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Waking Up To One's Mind Power

Author's Personal Account

In our darkest moment the chance for our greatest illumining arises.

Such a truism, or platitude if you prefer, is hard to swallow in the midst of those darkest moments. But life, base and noble as it is, is afterall an experiential paradox.

We cannot escape that without the night we are unable to see the stars, or that, like it or not, in order to become our best selves we must equally, at some point, face our own inner darkness and pierce beyond to know our true nature.

For each of us the journey within is, paradoxically, similar but unique, signposted with archetypes common to all humanity - symbolic rebirths requiring symbolic (mini) deaths.

My own journey took me to the brink of my life. Given a two months prognosis to live, I was advised to "put [my] affairs in order". But realising I had, for seven years prior, been on a journey of awakening I knew I was not about to die, that rather my diagnosis was the culmination of 'paranormal' experiences serving to illumine me to the power of my mind. And so, having this understanding, I was, within six weeks, cancer free.

As the author of this site all that I have come to know is, in large measure, a direct result of that experience, and I have, finally, written it down in its entirety as a means to weave together the many experiences and lessons I learnt regarding the power of my (our) mind, hoping that it may be of benefit to others.

To this same end I have also started a new blog documenting and describing the unconventional and controversial mental tactics I employed during my healing process, and if interested I invite you to find those writings here: Surviving Cancer - A Personal Journey.

Meanwhile, as a final note (and wink at you), if the night seems especially dark, the law of nature demands the light rising to pierce it be great. And as for these laws of nature? I will be writing about them in my next update - coming soon.

Until then:

May All Beings Know: True Love, True Peace, True Happiness