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True Happiness


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True Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is innate. We all want to be happy, to feel that we are getting the best that life has to offer. Yet it is elusive to most of us from time to time and unfortunately for many most of the time. What has become clear to me in my own pursuit for this psychological gold dust is that most of the time, what we are seeking is not true happiness but the elated sense that comes from the acquiring and experiencing of things outside of ourselves.

How often have you thought ‘if this happens, or that happens, or if I get this then I will be happy’. Of course if the desired result prevails, yes for some moments, or sometime, you feel ‘happy’. Your cognitive experience as a result of acquiring the desired outcome is heightened. But as you know from experience, it passes. It is not permanent. So then you fix your aim on something else to acquire, achieve, to bring happiness. You succeed, and you are ‘happy’; you fail and you are miserable. The cycle continues, never ending.

We also make the mistake that having another person in our lives will make us happy, putting the responsibility on someone else’s shoulders. This can never succeed, and inevitably results in discord between you and the person you have given the responsibility of your happiness to.

If one is fortunate in their lives, one comes to realise that no amount of success, or acquiring of things, or relationships will bring them true happiness. That is not to say that success, nice things, and good relationships are without merit and don’t augment our sense of well being. Of course they enrichen our lives but they cannot determine our true happiness. If one is lucky one realises on a deep level that true happiness is not something that can be found outside of one’s self, nor is it dependent on getting things, succeeding in something, having the perfect partner or any other outward thing or circumstance. Rather, true happiness is a state of mind, a state of mind that anyone can develop so that no matter what is happening in the external world that happiness remains.

How does one develop true happiness?  (coming soon). For more information on the power of the mind check out the site map.

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May All Beings Know:  True Love, True Peace, True Happiness