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How To Tickle Your Amygdala?


Why Tickle Your Amygdala

According to T. A. Lingo* (a pioneering in brain research) tickling your amygdala is an easy way to stimulate the most advanced and dormant part of your primate brain - your neo cortex. The part of your brain that becomes extremely active during deep meditation, ecstasy, nirvana, samahdi, transcendence and all of your higher functions, emotions, and peak experiences. Albeit unconvential for his time, time is now corroborating what Lingo asserted: that the amygdala is like a switch to our spiritual, cosmic super brain.

Where Is Your Amygdala

Lying between the outer corner of your eyes and the front, middle area of your ear there is a soft area commonly referred to as your temple. At this point about an inch within your skull (on both left and right sides) there is a small organ that is shaped like an almond this is your amygdala. 

How To Tickle Your Amygdala as taught by T. A. Lingo

To tickle your amygdala visualise them in your mind's eye - two little almond shaped organs embedded an inch within each temple on both sides of your head. Now imagine you have a big soft feather. Take that feather and imagine you are tickling the front of those two little almonds.  When you do this successfully you will have tickled your amygdala.

How To Know If You've Successfully Tickled Your Amygdala

When you tickle your amygdala successfully you will know because you will experience at least one of the following:

It will cause you to: smile, laugh, or experience a nice feeling in your body. These are the commonest experiences, but any nice experience you have when you tickle your amygdala is in effect an indicator that you have succeeded and fired impulses into your super brain. 

* For More Information on T. A. Lingo: http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/crazy.html

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