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Head First - Down The Rabbit Hole - With Rapid Data Transfer

"Follow the rabbit", a hacker instructs Neo. There's a knock at his door. Opening it, there’s a woman with a rabbit tattooed on her arm smiling at him. He follows her - head first - down the rabbit hole, leaving the programming of his mind's reality behind. Unplugged from the illusions of the collective unconscious, he awakens to discover what he truly is: a man, whose limits exist only in as much as his beliefs dictate.

Neo of course is a sci-fi character from the Matrix, a modern myth of our humanities epic struggle for self-realisation. But myths are not fiction. They are a means of passing on knowledge of things unseen, pointing the way to our greater selves, revealing the mysteries that all peoples from all times and spaces have always intuitively understood. If differences exist in their message, it is only in the language, the symbols, and mediums they use.

Our humanity has come of an age where we understand that our salvation, enlightenment; transcendence … must come from ourselves, from the inside out, that our beliefs create the reality of our lives and that the fount of our beliefs resides in the depths of our subconscious mind.

Relax ... Turn On Your Frontal Lobes With

Mastering the programming of our subconscious mind is at the forefront of our greatest hopes. It is the fecund world of our deepest imaginings, the vanquisher of all our fears, the key to our happiness, liberator of our lives, and ultimately the means to our survival as a species on the planet.

Of course Neo was on the fast track to reprogramming his subconscious, he simply plugged into a machine that altered his programming, creating for him a new  'mind reality'. If only.... 

But here's the thing. And it is perhaps one of the most important things to grasp. Neo's fast track programming machine is a creation of human imagining. It is a concept, a bit (or byte, if you will) of information from the very subconscious we know we need to master. It's a pointer from the source itself. 

All great inventions begin as seeds planted in the minds of those who can see a future that others can't. The light bulb, telephone, television, airplane, spacecraft, internet, laser surgery, nano technologies, are but a few obvious examples that all began in a subconscious mind that knew such inventions could be. Beginning as fiction but ending as fact. 

In fact subconscious programming systems are at this very time not only being developed but are being used by thousands of people in the know. Some achieving greater success than others, but all nonetheless paving the way to those that will eventually serve our needs best, allowing those who have the courage to head down the rabbit hole - head first.

Examples of machine to mind programming technologies: 

Bio feedback, isochronic tones, binaural beats, mind machines, rapid data transfer. 

A Personal Note From The Author

Rapid Data Transfer (RTD) is one of the most recent subconscious programming machines to become available to the public and apparently is designed to 'download' new instructions into the subconscious similar to Neo’s machine.

As an experiment I am currently trying the system out for myself, and documenting the results in a weekly online report. I’m into my second week and things seem to be speeding up. Experienced a loving being, the cosmic web, and became a bursting tree bud. If interested, you can follow the experiment here:

Plugging Into The Matrix With Rapid Data Transfer – An Experiment 


To learn more about Rapid Data Transfer, a powerful new technology that will enable you to reprogram your life click below:

Paths To Mind Power

Or follow my own experience with the technology: Plugging Into The Matrix With Rapid Data Transfer - An Experiment

May All Beings Know:  True Love, True Peace, True Happiness