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Your Subconscious Mind Shapes Your Life

Since the twentieth century there has been much written about the subconscious mind. Yet it is still highly elusive and escapes our capture. Its nature is inexplicable. It is its own wild being and it often frightens us, because we know it controls our lives and for many, runs them a ruin. The truth is we cannot capture our subconscious mind, but we can learn how to observe what is thriving in its underworld and once we have this knowledge it is ours to do with as we choose.   

To observe what is in your subconscious mind, you must become a sleuth, you must begin to pay attention to the small details of your daily life, those seemingly insignificant details, habitual thoughts and automatic acts that you perform like a daily ritual. It is in these details that you will find the clues to your subconscious’ intent for the fuller reality of your life.

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Here’s an example: A fellow I know wonders why he can’t seem to acquire more affluence in his life despite his good education, his skill set and his work ethic. What he hasn’t realised however, is that he is constantly talking to himself in what I’ll call ‘poor speak’. It goes like this… “ I can’t afford that…. That’s too expensive…. I don’t have the money” And so on…. In addition to this has habituated his actions to support his sense of lack. When he goes into a restaurant, he rarely buys anything to eat. Instead he’ll just have a drink while others are eating because he doesn’t want to spend the money on a meal. Similarly he doesn’t drink milk because his friend (who he shares his house with) always drinks more than him and he doesn’t want to buy milk because his friend will drink more of it than him. Rather than explaining to his friend that to be fair he shouldn’t buy equal amounts of milk for the house, he prefers to go without.   

You may say, well I understand why he is saying and doing those things. It is because he really doesn’t have a lot to spend. This may well be true. But what is also true about this way of thinking and acting is that he is perpetuating his sense of lack and in doing so, is informing his subconscious mind that there is not enough. Now the subconscious mind is indifferent to the quality of thoughts and acts. It doesn’t care whether they are to an individual’s betterment or not. It does not edit, censor or judge the quality of the ‘instructions’ it is given. The only thing it is interested in doing is in complying with the instructions given to it. And in this case, it is making the belief there is ‘not enough money’ real in this fellow’s life.

How does one overcome this? Well in the case of increasing your financial well being, I am not suggestion that you start spending money without a care, or even buying beyond the means of your current budget. But what you do need to do is to start observing how you view money in your life? What are your regular thoughts about it? How do you feel about it? Do you feel assured that there will always be more, or do you feel there will never be enough? Whatever thoughts you are having about the financial state of your life, begin to see them as instructions you are giving to your subconscious to follow. And know that whatever those instructions are (providing they are consistent and dominant) will be fulfilled by your subconscious in time if not immediately. 

Once you really understand and believe that this is how you get the life you have, you understand that in order to change the life you have for the life you want, you need to change the habit of your thoughts regarding the things in your life that are not working to your benefit. 

So for example, lets say that you realise the thoughts you are giving your subconscious about money is about you not having enough money, that you cannot afford to spend, that you will run out and so on…. You need to begin replacing those thoughts with countering thoughts. For example you might start to say to yourself “ I know I will always have enough money for what I want, even if I don’t know where it will come from at this moment, I know that it will come”. This might feel a bit artificial at first, but the more that you do it, the more your mind will accept it, and before you know it you will start to believe it. Eventually, if not immediately, you can start to back these new thoughts up will small actions. For example, when you go out for coffee with a friend, you can offer to buy your friend their coffee too. This has a double effect, not only are you instructing your subconscious that you can afford to pay for yourself and others, and therefore causing it to find the way to make sure you have enough to be generous with others, but generosity always brings more to you. 

In some ways it may seem that what I am suggestion is way too simple, too easy,  otherwise we would all have the life we want. The fact is one of the most difficult things for us to truly get control over in our lives is our mind. Disciplining our mind to think consistently in the way we want it to think, in the ways that will cause us the most benefit takes real effort and know how. But once you understand how to do it, and actually do it, the course of you life will change. Your subconscious mind is like soft clay, it is completely malleable and will form your life according to how your thoughts and actions shape it. Your life truly is in your thoughts and deeds. Believe it and know that what you believe will be

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