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   The Magic Of Self Belief

Wherever there is belief, there is magic. Belief can make anything happen. It makes miracles happen. Conspiring things to be, belief is what enables people to beat all the odds and makes the seemingly unbelievable a reality.

All world religions are founded on the power of belief and have used it to achieve super power status. Similarly super power nations, and world stage personalities are so because of belief: belief in oneself and the belief of others in them.

Self-belief is so powerful because of its effect both on one’s internal and external world. Internally, it steels one’s resolve. Whatever adversities a self-believing person is faced with will not deter to them, they know they will somehow achieve what they want and will not stop until they do. They do not lose faith, because they know no one can cause them to fail except their self.

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Externally self-belief is equally as powerful because whatever one believes about oneself, will be reflected back by the world in the way its responds to them. On the outside, self-belief mesmerises people. It does this because it causes the person full of self -belief to emanate a powerful confidence and confidence is a potent attractor of others: time, attention, energy, and resources, because it is ‘life positive’. Confidence is what makes people attractive, sexy, powerful, influential, courageous, decisive, bold, happy and admirable and anyone in this state cannot help but gain the support of others and succeed.

To succeed at anything, an unshakeable self-belief is the only thing that anyone really needs. When a person has this, the rest will come.


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