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True Power Requires A Purified Mind 

Suggesting that our minds needs to be purified, implies they are contaminated. They are. Our minds are full of impure, negative, toxic, damaging thoughts: worry, jealousy, hatred, anger, greed, fear, pride, resentment, vanity, prejudice, coveting, ill will, arrogance, envy, self pityÖ. These are but a handful of the pollutants that fill our minds. They are habitual and, for most of us, in one form, or another, take up the larger part of our inner space, time and energy. Ultimately, they are life diminishing, they ebb away our true sense of self and rob us of the true potential of our mindís power.

When our minds are so polluted, it is difficuilt to have clarity, to remain calm and be Ďiní our power. We make poor choices, act rashly, feel miserable, perpetuate our suffering and donít actually have real control over our lives. We are on a kind of autopilot, we are reactive not responsive and being reactive is about a loss of control, a loss of power. When we are operating in this way, we can never achieve true happiness or fulfilment. We can only, at best, satisfy ourselves with temporary gratifications. The only way we can truly actualise our true hearts desire, our true essence, is if we consciously exercise the will to purify our minds.

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The purified mind is a mind that is loving, benevolent, patient, compassionate, grateful, joyous, peaceful. No thought can disturb it, it is equanimous, discerning but never judging, it sees clearly and responds from a calm, still place of power. Acquiring such a mind, is doubtless the hardest thing a person can do, but it is also the most important thing a person can do, because when oneís mind becomes purified oneís reality changes and life becomes their oyster. Those with a purified mind are their own Masters, and when one operates in this way, all surrounding him or her senses it and responds accordingly. Like the stream of polluting thoughts that does not stop flowing, the same is also true of the opposite: exuding power returns more of the same. Like begets like.


How Does One Purify The Mind? 

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