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   Removing Psychological Blind Spots

Most of us have heard ďI was blind but now I seeĒ and the obvious interpretation is recovering from physiological blindness. But what of psychological blindness? Relatively speaking few of us are physiologically blind, but with a little examination it is clear to see (no bad pun intended) that most of suffer from a psychological, or rather, mental blindness.

So you think, so you areÖ. A man is what he thinks he is. We have all heard versions of this common wisdom too. If we are lucky, there comes a point when we really understand the truth of these sayings. There is not a single thing in our external world that did not first take root inwardly. In our world of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, fears, dreams Ö lay the seeds of our lifeís making.

When we examine the joys and successes that occur in our lives, it is easy to see how we have brought them about, and we are happy to accept responsibility for them. But when it comes to the failings, to the miseries in our lives, it is a different story. We want to distance ourselves from having had a part in their making, and are often blind to how we planted the seeds for their coming about in the first place

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As with all of nature, things can only take root and grow if it is given what it needs to gain strength and grow to its full potential. This happens intentionally, or unintentionally; things come to be both through nurture or neglect. In the case of neglect what we often fail to realise is that what we donít think about, or donít see, is as equally important as what we do think about and do see. Either way, we are still responsible.

In order to create more of what we want for our lives, and eliminate what we donít want, we must become fully aware of what is going on in our thinking world: what thoughts are we nurturing through thought patterns and what thoughts are we neglecting? Are the thoughts we are nurturing good for us? Are they serving our future well, or are they laying the foundation for a bad road ahead? Often many of the thoughts we nurture are destructive, and poisonous but we donít even recognize them as such because they are thoughts, beliefs, values that we have inherited from others around us. They have become integral to our identity, we donít even see them, or the negative effect they have on our lives, because we believe them to be who we are

All of us have become mentally conditioned to certain ways of thinking be it to our betterment or our detriment. Each of us have a set of deep rooted thought patterns that are continually arising in our psyche, being enforced, strengthened, nurtured, and ultimately directing the outcome of our lives. This is why we often find ourselves recreating the same scenarios in our life over and over again despite efforts to change. There might be variations in how they appear, but quintessentially they are the same and until we change the thought patterns that are responsible for them, they will continually repeat over and over again. 

Knowing that our thought patterns cause ego-identified blind spots in us is  liberating knowledge that can be used to begin changing the outcome of our lives, but ego-identified blind spots is only one of two types of blind spots we are vulnerable to. The second is the type that stops us from seeing things that are right under our noses. When this happens it is because our focus is locked onto something while blocking everything else out of view, or consciousness. This can be very useful, as in the case of escaping immediate danger. But more commonly, it has a negative effect.

Locking our focus onto something is what we do when we have a very strong desire for something to happen. When this happens, we tend to ignore any negatives being registered, or we rationalise them away. We can only see the positives. In fact we often exaggerate the positives because we become emotionally invested in the object of our desire. We attach to it. This can work to our advantage, but very often it works against us. We miss other options, and by failing to see the object of our desire as it really is, it is easy and common to be let down by it when we finally do acquire it. Whenever we have a strong, attachment to something, causing very strong feelings in us, it is most likely we are blind to all the facts.

In order to start making more enlightened choices for ourselves, we must first develop the ability to see past our mental blind spots. We must become a conscious observer of our thoughts becoming mindful of their patterns. We need to start noticing when we are rationalising something, and when we have developed a strong attachment or aversion to something. Once a detached awareness of these things is developed the ability to recognize our blind spots will naturally occur.

Perhaps this is the real meaning of  ďI was blind but now I see

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