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Programming The Collective Unconscious With The Most Powerful Mind Machine On The Planet 

You, like most people on the planet, probably watch television and, like most, it probably plays a constant informant in your life. But here's the thing: television is the most powerful mind machine on the planet and not only is it affecting your mind's power, and affecting you consciously, but it is continually programming your subconscious.

But it goes further and deeper again. Television is programming our collective unconscious.

Collectively there are billions of us watching television daily, assimilating the same 'truths' about 'reality', instructing us about every detail of our lives: what to think, how to behave, what to wear... and on. 

And whether we realize it or not, it is at the same time programming our collective unconscious. Now it is well understood that whatever is held in our subconscious is what will inevitably become real in our lives and the same goes for the collective unconscious.

The collective unconscious is the depository for all our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious. It is a vast field of energetic potential that responds to the most dominant instructions embedded within it: instructions that are given by our thoughts. 

If the fact that television instructs this vast field of energetic potential by our watching it, is new to you, then you might also be interested to know that the flicker rate of television (the indiscernible flicking between frames) is also deeply hypnotic.

Television is a hypnosis device and not only is it a hypnosis device, the average rate of perspective switching is prime for maintaining optimum attention, a state that is most conducive for instructing the subconscious. 

And here's another point to consider. The world's media is owned by a very small handful of  individuals, most of those individuals being the one's who own the banks. 

Now this article is not intended in anyway to bias political views, but it is true that once ones' mind power develops in an active, rather than passive way, one sees clearer and further. 

So, if you seriously want to increase your mind's power, and begin to waken it from the common stupor that most of us are subject too, then switch off  your TV more regularly, if not permanently. But if you can't do that, then begin by becoming much more selective and mindful about what your feeding your subconscious with in watching TV.

Like every little drop counts towards the sea. Every little thought counts towards what's made real.


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May All Beings Know:  True Love, True Peace, True Happiness