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Binaural Beats

Positive Mind States Binaural Beats


Positive Mind States Binaural Beats


You are listening to a  sample of Positive Mind States "Celestial Breathe" binaural beats. Celestial Breathes is  is a deeply relaxing recording that will take you from the Beta brainwave frequency through to the Alpha and lower still to the Theta frequencies. Positive Mind States: Celestial Breathe, is the first of a series of binaural beats that will be available for download. Others to follow, will take you into the Delta frequency range.

Currently Celestial Breathe is a being given as a thank you gift for supporting this site through donation (the usual recommended retail price is $19.99 USD). To make a donation and to receive your copy please click on the button below. Thank You.

Binaural beats must be listened to with headphones. To derive the most benefit from listening to them, it is best to plan to listen them when you will not be disturbed and can just relax. By listening to them overtime, your brain will become entrained to more positive brain frequency states. The recommended duration for optimal results is a few months.


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