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 A Systematic Way To Positively Change Your State Of Mind

Our states of mind are extremely fluid: they are reflections of thought that move as energy, vibrations moving in waves. And so, to change our state of mind we assume that all that it takes is a change in our thought process. Basic common sense tells us this is so, and it is, but when we put it to the test, it often fails to work for us. Why?

There is a simple reason. We make the mistake of trying to radically change our thinking all at once. But our minds do not work this way. You cannot make a dramatic shift in your thinking instantaneously; it has to be done in gradual steps. But what we often do, trying to alleviate ourselves from a distressing state of mind, is to jump to thoughts that we cannot sustain because deep down we don’t believe them to be true. We haven’t had time to assimilate them as our new reality.

This is not to dispute that, on occasion, something unexpected can happen which can immediately change our state of mind, but this works only because the thing that happens is real and is therefore readily believable. More commonly, however, when we find ourselves in a poor state of mind, the way we have to tackle it is with incremental steps.

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So for example, let’s say you are feeling discouraged about your career prospects. You are thinking, “I am not successful”. So, you try and change your state of mind from this by saying, “I am successful” but this doesn’t work, because deep down you don’t believe it. Now if, instead, you said something like “ I know that persistence, and time are the keys to success” (or something like this that you can believe), you will be able to change your state of mind to one that is more hopeful and because you can believe it, you will be able to sustain it. From there you can gradually improve again with something like “I am being persistent, and so in time, will be successful” and so forth.

This is the effective, systematic, way to change your state of mind, by changing the quality of your thoughts gradually. By applying this technique, you will, in time, not only change your state of mind, but also, the circumstances of you life.

This technique is taken from the book: Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It is full of easy to apply life-changing techniques. For more information or to buy, click on the image below:

Ask And It Is Given is a profound read. If you want to know how to align yourself to "The Force", "The Source", this book will teach you how. The knowledge in this book is offered by non physical beings, channeled through Esther Hicks. For those ready to recieve this information it is life transforming. Click on the image to buy.


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