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   Overcoming A Fearful Mind With Love

Fear is running our world to devastating effect. A familiar companion to most of us, fear poisons our thinking and causes us to see enemies, threats and dangers were none exist. In turn, we defend and offend and in so doing, make those enemies, threats and dangers real. For many, it is hard to see how this happens because fear itself blinds us and makes us reactionary. It might also be argued that greed, and not fear, is the cause of so much suffering in our world, but greed is merely a symptom of fear. All greed, worry, cruelty, violence, wrong action … and resultant miseries are derived from fear.

Of course there is the argument that fear serves us by serving our instinct to survive. This is without doubt true, and without doubt has served our species well. But having developed beyond an informant to our instinctual and adrenal boosting functions into a default motivating impetus, fear has maligned our psyche in a way that is irrefutably counter productive to our species and the planet. It has largely outgrown its use.

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As sublime as nature is, it will not sacrifice the lesser of its creation for the greater. Or rather that part (in this case us) which does not harmonize with its whole and so threatens the whole. Instinctively we know this and we know too that if we are to eliminate the threat of being one of nature’s rejects, we must evolve in a way that is harmonious with our greater selves, our greater nature. But how?

How sublime nature is, and as one of its sublime creations, the age for our latent potential to emerge is on the horizon. Fear has been the infant of our species’ evolution, but love will be the aged sage of it. But what is love, true love?

Love is beyond words, but we can discern it through the many ways that it expresses itself. Love does not: judge, hold back, control, or diminish. It does not want something in return. It strengthens and nurtures, is pure, peaceful, joyous, inspiring, compassionate, priceless, free, sublime, everlasting, infinite and divine

We often hear there is not enough love in the world, or words to this effect, but this is not true. What is lacking is an ability to give and receive love. Our fear gets in the way, and blocks it. Fear is like a tight, clenched, fist that cannot, will not, open to give or receive. It is hard and tense, and is life diminishing because it stops the flow of life energy. When you hold your hands into a fist, there is a subtle change in your ability to breath, you cannot breath as calmly and deeply as you can with an open relaxed hand. This is physiological fact. Love on the other hand is open, relaxed and able to give and receive. Like the breath that is deeper and easier when the hand is open, love is life affirming.

Through the simple act of opening our hands we enable our ability to give and receive more love. By doing this, the psychological effect is such that our minds begin to open up a little more while our fear loses a little bit of its power over us. The strength of our fear is inversely equal to our capacity to give and receive love. The greater our ability to give and recieve love, the more we will see through the illusions of our fear, and the more we will see there is really nothing to fear. The more we can let love flow through us, the greater our experiential wisdom will become, the greater our joy of life will be. Not only will we be in harmony with ourselves, but with all of creation. This is our latent, but true nature. This is what we are destined for once we transform our minds by dissolving our fear with love. 

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