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'Our' World, Our Minds and Those Reptiles ... Connecting the Dots

What does the state of our human world have to do with reptiles, and for that matter, what do reptiles have to do with our minds? Though not immediately apparent, the answer is ... everything.

As supreme as our behaviour suggests we think we are, we are mistaken, and en mass are finally waking up to this truth. This is not to say we are not an incredible species, a magnificent creation of nature and immeasureably fortunate to have the power of consciousness that we do. But as with all truths, observed in the natural world, we are subjects of paradox, a composite of seeming opposites. For in truth we are equally coarse crude creatures, capable of the most barbaric acts.

Everyday we witness acts of human barbarism, yet resist accepting it as inherent in our selves. Certainly it is a question of degree as to how much we individually express this aspect of ourselves, but pushed hard enough that baser self - our inner reptile - will lash out and shame who we think we are. \par In connecting the dots between all that we consider wrong, unjust and loathesome in society and the world we have created, the picture formed will always be the same: an arrow pointing to the R Complex, our reactive reptilian brain stem.

Of course it is rightly argued that the R Complex has and continues to play a vital role in our survival. However due to a societal feedback loop (that I will expound upon in posts to follow) its role has become arguably more dysfunctional than functional, or, rather, it has achieved a degree of dominance that is (paradoxically) undoing its very reason for being - putting not only ourselves but countless other species as well.

If this sounds bad, it needn't be. For in the same way that our R. Complex has become overly dominant, through incorrect mental practice, it can become appropriately functional again if we correct the habit patterns of our mind and thus its power. Indeed it is my sincere belief, based on years of research, that anyone who truly wishes to harness the power of their mind, and thus gain mastery of their lives, it is requisite that he or she address the condition of their reptile brain.

Moreover, it is my conviction that the answer to humanities problems lie in a wholistic approach of optimizing the mind-body phenomenon. Critical to this is correcting the use of our minds, which in turn will develop the physiology of our brain's potential: making our R Complex subservient to our higher brain, that part of ourselves we know to be noble.

In weeks to come I will be connecting the dots on all that I have covered in this post. If you wish to follow you can do so here:

WTF Is Wrong With People - BIfurcation Of The Human Psyche

May All Beings Know: True Love, True Peace, True Happiness