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The Power Of Practicing None Judgment 

The practice of none judgment is part of all purifying, spiritual disciplines. In part, it is because it is one of the most useful methods for transforming the mind. It is also interesting to note, that deep down in all of us we somehow, innately know that it is wrong to judge others. Knowing this of course does not stop us from doing it. Most of us are susceptible to judging others even though we are really only doing ourselves a disservice when we do so. 

The truth is when judgment is used, it is a no win exercise. Judgment assumes a position of power to condemn or admonish, it presupposes an inferior (less than) or superior (better than) duality, and as such grants the judge the power to deem others inferior or superior. This is ignorance and misguides the judge into wrong thinking. When one judges another as less than or better than, both parties lose. The less than party is demoted, and feels bad, the better than party is promoted and feels good, but there are destructive consequences for both sides.

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The fact is the less than party doesn’t need to feel bad just because he has been judged negatively. One’s thoughts and feelings are a choice. But for most of us, our minds are not so well disciplined that we are unaffected by others judgments. So the less than party goes off, feels bad and perpetuates more polluting thoughts, which in turn will be reflected in the reality of his outward life. 

Similarly, the better than party goes off and feels good, but to build oneself up on the back of another is of no good consequence and will eventually exact a cost. But this is not the end of it for the better than party. The ego boost that the better than party has acquired through the judging of another means he/she is now invested in maintaining the stock of their ego, which is in fact illusory, and only feeds the stream of polluting thoughts.

If we continue in our assertion that we have the to right judge others, then we must accept that others can judge us also. But none of us like to be judged, it causes a whole variety of agitating, polluting thoughts, and this is another flag to us that judging serves no good purpose. As such, it is of great benefit to free ourselves from judging.

Developing none judgment takes practice. Having acquired an awareness of our thoughts, observing them, we can take action when we see judgment arising in ourselves. We can notice we are judging and replace that thought with something more compassionate towards the person we were about to judge. In truth when a person is acting in a way that seems inappropriate and would commonly cause strong feelings in us, that person is really only acting out of fear, insecurity, ignorance. Their minds are not working well and in the long run they are only causing themselves misery. When one comes to understand this, exercising compassion rather than judgment becomes easier. At the same time, by exercising compassion instead, we are engaging the process of purifying our minds, and liberating ourselves from the judgment of others. We also realise that judgment of others is really only an ineffective way to try and control our fear. 

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