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The Mother Of Thought Power: Words

Human history is very much a story about gaining, wielding and losing power. The word itself is powerful, potent, and highly charged. Just thinking about it causes an electrochemical reaction in the brain. Physical power, mental power, sexual power, psychic power, healing power, financial power, political power, people power, power! One way or another we all want it. Even those of us who say we don’t. 

Of course it might be argued that a monk, or a nun, or ascetic, having renounced all worldly possessions and pursuits do not want power. But the ability to make such a life choice is in itself power. Having choice is power, and choosing a lifestyle such as that of a monk, is for the purpose of acquiring a very particular state of being, for liberating oneself from the shackles of materialistic pursuit, and attaining such a state, is without doubt, a very particular kind of power. Indeed it is arguably the most desired kind of power one can acquire. Power is after all a commodity for freedom.

Freedom. Now there’s another mighty word. Human history is steeped in the blood of countless men, women, and children running to their deaths crying “freedom!” The power of words cannot be underestimated. To do so is a grave ignorance, for our ability to have a language using words separates us from all other species, and enables us (rightly or wrongly) to rule over them. Words enable us to construct thoughts. They are the building blocks of our mental activity. Think about it, without words how would you think?

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Of course our thinking is highly flawed. The way that we have used words and arranged them into hard set mental, emotional, social, political, and religious constructs have caused us great mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual pain. Everything we humans do begins with a thought, or more correctly, a chosen set of words that we use to construct a thought. Unfortunately the human psyche has developed in such a way that the larger percentage of its thoughts is imbued with a negative, and generally destructive, energetic potential.

Thoughts are power. They require mental energy and energy cannot be destroyed it can only transform. The nature of energy is that of a ceaseless flow of potential that continues to express itself in different ways. Now in the case of mental energy, it will either have a negative or positive charge. This is extremely important to realise, because whatever charge your thoughts contain is the quality of experience that you are and will cultivate in your life. Like attracts like.

It is well documented that different thoughts create different mental states. This can be demonstrated with a simple example. If we go back to the word power for a moment and we say to ourselves: “I have power, I am powerful” it creates a completely different state from saying “I have no power, I am powerless”. This is because these sentences cause distinctly different electrochemical reactions in our brain, causing entirely different effects on our body, resulting in different sensations. They literally cause very different feelings. This simple example demonstrates how the ceaseless flow of energetic potential (in this case thought power) gets transmuted through our body and shifts our state of consciousness.

Now just a word on electrochemical activity. The first part electro is self-explanatory: energy, power. And chemical: is the word given to naming components of the elemental world in its subtler parts, but these parts, of course, can be broken down further to even subtler components: atoms, which are even still a construct of subtler forms of electric, energy wave particles. So really the electrochemical activity of the brain is no more than changes in our electric, energetic, life force charge.

In practical terms, understanding how words can have such a powerful effect over us, we can literally begin to understand how we make ourselves: sick, unhappy, unmotivated, unsuccessful. This is powerful knowledge to have, having it, we can now make life-transforming changes by changing how we choose our words and construct our thoughts. This of course will not happen over night. All change, like nature itself, occurs at the most subtle levels. Only once there are enough subtler changes do we begin to see the bigger changes. In choosing our words wisely we eventually become wiser.

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