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 Limitations Of The Mirror Mind And Existence Beyond It

In the same way that a mirror is a reflection of our physical being, the mind is the inner mirror we use to experience our conscious being. In understanding this and examining the nature of a mirror, we can understand important things about our mind.

Looking in a mirror we see a flat image of ourselves and we can only ever see ourselves from one point of view at a time. Even if we stood in a hall of mirrors that reflect every part of us, we would have to keep shifting our focus to look at the different parts of us piece by piece. We can never see our whole selves at once. And even though the mirror gives us the impression that we are facing ourselves, if we touch the mirror we discover it is just an illusion. In this way, the mirror is limited and illusory.

Our mind is the same way. Even though it is a powerful, ‘magic’ mirror of our conscious being it is also limited and illusory. But unlike the looking glass we use to see ourselves with, it is much harder to see that what our mind causes us to experience and think of as real, is not a complete or accurate picture of reality or our true nature.

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Because our mind is the means by which we experience our conscious being, it creates a powerful impression that it is our being and that without it we cease to exist. This is the great illusion that our mind creates for us. Of course it doesn’t know it is doing this, it can only know according to the extent that it understands physical and mental constructs and these constructs are built according to the limits of our senses.

Our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin have informed our inner world about our outer world and our mind has organised this information for effective use. In the process of doing this, our species has developed a highly sophisticated form of language that has, and continues to, evolve our thinking capacity. However our senses, albeit highly sophisticated systems, are also extremely limited and in some instances extremely crude.

Accordingly, the constructs that our mind uses to understand the nature of itself and the nature of its existence are also limited and make knowing the true nature of our being incomprehensible by way of our mind. This of course is a difficult dilemma for us, because our minds don’t know anything other than itself and cannot imagine being without itself. It also explains why it is very hard to control our mind and gain mastery over it. The mind does not like to be quiet, it does not like to stop thinking. In fact to stop would seem like not existing to the mind. But for those who learn to stop their mind, a realm of reality beyond the mind is discovered, and in experiencing this reality the fear of the death of mind is lost.

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