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The Mind - Brain Process: Patterns And Chemicals

The brain and mind like patterns. Patterns expedite and streamline processes. Because of this, the neural pathways a brain builds can become dedicated. The more a thought pattern occurs, the more a particular neural net gets used. When a neural net is habitually used, it becomes a path of least resistance. Another way to describe it is to say it is like that of a rut in a road. It gets worn in and becomes the way. When someone says "I canít help it, its just the way I am" this is what they really mean. This is also why it can be very hard to change ones thought patterns. This is not to say that the brain is hardwired, it is plastic. Neural pathways are built according to mental activity. As one begins to exercise a change in their thinking, the brain will respond in how it organises its neural activity.

But neural nets are only one half of the mind / brain process. There is a very important aspect to thought patterns that is not so obvious. Mental patterns are also addictive. They are addictive because with each thought, the body experiences a neuro-chemical reaction. In turn, this neuro-chemical reaction causes sensations in the body. Often these sensations are so subtle, and our minds are not sharp enough that we discern them, but they are constantly occurring whether we realise it or not.

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Now it might be argued that in the instance that we can discern them and they are not pleasant, for example in the case of worry, that we cannot be addicted to such a thought / feeling. But this is besides the point for the simple reason that even though the sensation might not be a pleasant sensation, being derived from a habitual thought pattern, the body has become accustomed to the chemical effect it causes and when the body becomes accustomed to something, it craves it whether it is good for it or not. 

Understanding these mind / brain aspects of our thinking is important in understanding the process of purifying the mind and must be approached in a patient way, accepting that the process will be gradual but steady if one's commitment is sincere


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