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Meditation Techniques



Meditation Techniques

There are numerous meditation practices to choose from, but common to all practices of meditation is a technique to focus the mind. This might be an object: a candle flame, a flower, an image: a mandala (a richly coloured symmetrical drawing or painting that is considered spiritually symbolic) or a picture of a spiritual teacher or diety, a mantra: a sound that is repeated outwardly or inwardly and has a positive vibration such as Om, the breathe, or observation of the bodies sensations. 

Three Aspects Common To All Meditation Practices

A Quiet Mind

With every meditation practice there is a technique used to focus your mind. By focussing, or concentrating the mind, the voice in your head will eventually begin to calm down, the thoughts will slowly become less. Eventually your mind will be completely calm, still.


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Being Present In The Now

Most of our intrusive thoughts are about future events, possibilities, both pleasant and unpleasant, to come, or else reliving what has already occurred in the past. Meditation is about right now. Experiencing the now from moment to moment as it occurs. This takes time to develop because the mind is so used to thinking about the past or future.

Altered States of Consciousness
By training the mind to become quiet and focussed on the now, the mind enters an altered state of consciousness. It is neither a sleeping state, and is different from the usual awake state. What is experienced in this altered state can vary. Meditation changes brainwave activity in a region in the pre frontal cortex of the brain that corresponds with a positive state of well being ranging from calm, peaceful, to truly happy and joyous. With a regular practice of meditation, this becomes a habituated state of mind of the meditator.

What Is Meditation

Why Meditate

The Benefits Of Meditation

How Does Meditation Work?

A Few Guidelines For Meditation

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