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Why And How To Master Your Mind 

There has been much debate about what constitutes intelligence. Until recently the IQ test has been the accepted method of measurement. But since introducing the IQ test, we have come to understand a great deal more about the working of the physical and mental components of intelligence: the brain and mind.

It was once thought that when you were born you had so many brain cells and that whatever amount of brain cells you were born with could not be increased but only decrease through time and age. Of course we now know this is false and that in fact by working the brain in certain ways we can actually grow it and increase the neural connections between its hemispheres. We also know now that the more you grow it, and hence increase its neural activity, the more it can grow.

The same can be said about our mind. Although a much more elusive entity, we are coming to understand more about its tremendous power when properly harnessed. It is no shy fact that our mind manifests everything we experience  from the smallest to the biggest events in our lives. This also applies to the larger social conditions of the world because collectively, when we focus on something as a group, a nation, a species, we combine our mental power and in so doing, we materialise what we have collectively envisioned.

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A simple example is man's traveling to the moon. For decades man imagined going to the moon. Prior to its happening we had stories, cartoons, and television shows that depicted this event. Eventually, we sat in our living rooms and watched the real thing happen behind the screen of our TVs. TVs mobile phones, airplanes, computers, they were all collective imaginings of one kind or another before materialising into existence. 

The same can be said about the personal events in our lives, if we investigate thoroughly, and carefully reflect on what we were thinking about, mentally envisioning, prior to the event, we will find the mental equivalent always preceded its materialisation in some form or another. This is without exception.

It is so important to know this, and to understand this, because in knowing this you can really begin to paint the picture of the life you want and this includes the picture you want for the world in general. I realise this might seem like a grand statement, but it is true. For example, when you listen to the news, or watch it on TV, and it is bad, what happens? It causes unease in you. It turns the flow of your thoughts downward and like the flow of any stream, it takes more effort to change direction than to go with it. This makes your job of feeling and mentally envisioning good events harder and when you are in the habit of tuning into bad news you are habitually diminishing your power to manifest the things that will make you happy in life, because your thought power is not working to your full benefit.

But it goes further than this. When we collectively tune into bad news, or watch a Hollywood movie about the end of the world, or listen to depressing songs or (fill in the gap), we are literally converging our manifesting thought power  building it into a extremely powerful energy wave that can only, eventually, produce itself into its equivalent negative reality. This is how it works, both on a personal and societal level. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm.  We are our thoughts. To change the picture of our lives, we need to change our thoughts. To change our thoughts we must become masters of our minds.

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