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Microcosms Of The Macrocosmic Mind 

The creator, infinite being, eternal source, universal love, god, goddess, the force, nature, divine consciousness, call it what you will, we are of it, a microcosm of the macrocosmic mind.

When you think about it in this way, you see the power of your own mind in an entirely different way. The essence of your mind is of the same source that has brought everything into existence, it is powerful beyond normal comprehension, and it is the essence of our being -- ipso facto. 

As much as this is the truth, most of us cannot see this truth and hence we cannot see what we truly are. The fact is we have become so attached to an illusion of what we think we are, our egos, that we have cut ourselves off from our true selves. By circumscribing a very small circle around the body we occupy and the mind that senses it and calls it "me", we have literally disconnected ourselves from our true, "higher" power, our macrocosmic mind. This is not our fault, it is simply a result of were the "we" (the macrocosmic mind) is  in coming to realise itself in an eternal process of self realisation. Our microcosmic and our macrocosmic mind are awakening, slowly.

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The microcosm/ macrocosm nature of the macrocosmic mind, is symbiotic, but the time will come when expressing itself ("our-self") through the microcosmic body and mind will fall away, evolving, transmuting in a way that is conducive to evermore states of self realisation, ways that we can only imagine, or perhaps have glimmers of through mystical experiences. 

When one comes to really understand that this is the true nature of our being, one begins to understand that in order to harness the true nature, power, of our minds, one must cultivate a mind that steps beyond the illusion of the ego. In order to do this the mind must be purged of negative thoughts, hatred, anger, resentment, fear, jealousy, judgement, violence, prejudice ... it needs to be purified. When the mind is purified, it becomes enlightened, and like the minds of all hitherto enlightened beings, the true power of the mind is activated.


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