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How Does Meditation Work

Meditation has been proven to change the vibratory frequency of the brain, otherwise known as its brainwave frequency. This is important because the way that we feel at any given moment directly corresponds to a particular brainwave frequency (brainwave state).

There are four distinct brainwave frequencies that our brains operate in: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta*. However in our waking state we are most commonly in Beta (10 38hz) and a lot of the time in the higher Beta range (20+hz). In Beta our brainwaves are fast, compared to Alpha, Theta and Delta, and the faster they are the more stressed, agitated, angry, worried and negative we tend to be. But when one meditates, the brainwave frequency slows down and enters Alpha, Theta, or Delta. And in these states one cannot be worried, agitated angry and so forth. One is relaxed and enters into deeper levels of consciousness.


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When the brain enters these states, its two hemispheres begin to synch up resulting in what is commonly known as whole brain integration. Meditation actually grows the brain by thickening the connections between the corpus callosum. The longer one meditates the greater the wiring between the two sides of the brain, and the more habituated it becomes to staying in the lower brainwave frequency states: Alpha, Theta, Delta. 

In essence by meditating, one actually entrains their brain to be in a positive brainwave state.

* There is also the Gamma and Lambda state that the brain can enter though less frequently and there is little known about Lambda (observed in mastered yogis when in a state of suspended animation).

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