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   How The Heart Empowers The Mind

When we are little, we are very good at knowing our hearts desires. Our sense of them is so strong, that sometimes our little bodies quiver and shake in expressing them. As adults we learn to temper and tame them. We process them through our heads and what commonly happens is that our deepest desires and dreams for our lives gets rationalised away. We deny our hearts requests explaining to ourselves that they are too impractical, or they are impossible because we can see no way of attaining them. Overtime we lose sight of them, sometimes forgetting what they were. The result is we live lives that are unauthentic and a poor cousin to our greater selves. Fumbling through, our spirit weakens and our hearts often break.   

The tragedy of this is, that in reality there is no desire that our heart gives us that we cannot somehow achieve. Desire and its fulfillment exist in perfect balance with one another. This is a universal law; where one exists the other is present as well. Indeed manís greatest and most improbable achievements are all a result of listening and acting upon the deepest desires of the heart

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To achieve whatever our hearts desire we must simply learn how to focus our hearts desire through our minds eye, and maintain its focus persistently. The mind is not designed to know what we want; it is designed follow the instructions of our hearts desire. Designed to work in unison, the heart and mind are two perfect halves of a whole. The heart lets us know what we truly want, what is in alignment with our greatest gifts, and the mind focuses the spark, the passion, that ignites our hearts desires by way of mental representations, and thoughts. This sets in motion and activates all the things that are required (both tangible and intangible) to make our desires manifest. Apparent 'miracles', 'coincidences', 'fateful alignments' 'synchronicities' and so on... are all a result of the heart and mind working in harmony to actualise our greatest and purest potential.

How Does This Work?

Our hearts desires create the strongest emotions in us. Emotions are energy, and they are the 'juice' that makes our thoughts energetically powerful. Thoughts are really a vibrant energy (see brainwaves) that radiates from us into the universe and attracts similar energy back to us. Like attracts like. But without strong emotion our minds are impotent in their ability to focus and transmit the strong thought waves that are required to attract what we want. This is why, when we are not following our hearts desires, we rarely bring into our lives what we want, because we cannot generate strong enough thought manifesting wave currents without the passion and strong emotions of the hearts impulses.

Our minds are designed to follow our hearts truest desires, and our heart is designed to navigate us to fulfill our greatest potential. When we are on course to fulfilling our greatest potential we can literally ride the universal energetic current to our destination because we are in harmony with our greater, creative selves. In being so we are also on course for giving the greatest service we are capable of to our fellow man, which ultimately results in our greatest successes, fulfillment and happiness.

Be yourself and listen to your heart.

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