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A Few Guidelines For Meditation

To really benefit from meditation it should be practiced everyday.

Preferably the chosen time to meditate should be in the early morning when it is most quiet, and there is the least possibility of disturbance. The mind tends to be quieter during this time also. If it is not possible to meditate in the early morning, then before going to bed is the next best time.

Meditating on an empty stomach is easier. When the stomach is full, the body is more distracting and can be noisier.

One should sit with the spine straight. It may take time to develop a comfortable posture. If for some reason you cannot sit cross legged, a chair is okay to use. 

Meditate in the same spot as much as possible. If possible set aside a spot just for meditating. This will aide in settling the mind quicker during your meditation session.


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