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Transforming The Mind With Compassion

Residing in the heart of all spiritual practices and world religions lies compassion. Compassion is the great transformer of the mind. When practiced diligently, it can and will transform anyone into a peaceful, happy, and joyous being. In part this is because compassion stimulates higher functioning regions of the brain to become more active. But this is only part of the reason.

When we think of compassion we generally think of it in terms of loving kindness, and generosity of heart towards another who we perceive to be in a state of suffering. We think of it as expressing ourselves lovingly towards someone separate from us. But this is where most of us partially misunderstand what is really going on when we practice compassion.

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When we practice compassion, we are not only transmitting unconditional love to another, we are also experiencing our own love for ourselves. It is impossible to give that which we do not have; we cannot give love to another without first having it for ourselves. And that which we give, whatever it is, multiplies.

When we are good to others, others are, in turn, good to us. As we sow, so we reap. And so, by making compassion a daily practice and priority in our lives, we are, in fact, conditioning ourselves to receive more loving kindness: love for ourselves and love from others. When we become full with love in this way, when it naturally flows from us readily and abundantly, we will arrive at a place within ourselves that most of us have yet to find, the place that all of us: have, are, or will eventually, seek out, a place without fear.

As individuals we do not love ourselves nearly enough, we have learnt, in so many ways, to believe a lie that we are not perfect as we are and this has made us afraid, very afraid, and where fear rules love cannot flourish. So how does one begin to make compassion a constant practice?

Developing ever greater compassion is easy. Everywhere we look in the world there is suffering. And whenever we are confronted with it we simply need to send a loving thought towards it. It might be the elderly neighbour who can no longer walk easily, or a dog with a sore paw…or the teenage delinquent causing trouble in the neighbourhood, (acts of ill will are really an expression of fear rooted in ignorance) In all directions in our lives we can find a place to be compassionate, and the more we take the opportunity, the greater our transformation will be.

In time, with practice, our brain and minds’ activities will have changed, our entire view on life, ourselves, and others will have changed. Eventually compassion will become a constant in our awareness. When we reach this state our, capacity as loving beings will have evolved, we will live in a state of bliss, and our world will be transformed. Understanding the power of compassion is wisdom, and can only serve for good.

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