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Breaking Thought Patterns And Addiction

The process of breaking patterns and addictions begins by becoming aware of them. By this I mean becoming aware of the habitual flow of your thoughts. To do this you must develop a sense of mindfulness. A good way to develop mindfulness is by observing your thoughts as they are happening, not just experiencing them in the moment, but actually standing aside of them a little and watching them. While doing this it is also important to remain equanimous, having no judgement over it being a good thought or a bad thought, for judgement is also a pollutant of the mind. 

Once you are able to observe your thoughts as they are happening, in fairly quick time you will begin to see patterns in your thinking. Once you can see the patterns in your thinking, you can begin to examine how these patterns are making you feel in your body. By developing this awareness you will come to know automatically when you mind is flowing with polluting thoughts because you will not feel easy in your body. Polluting thoughts will make you feel uneasy, agitated, nervous, lethargic, heavy, and unwell in many ways, it might even cause you to feel numb and out of touch with your body. Conversely when your mind is purifying, you will begin to feel well, right, lighter in your body

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Now a just a note about body sensations as they relate to intuition. It is true that our intuition often speaks to us through our bodies by giving us a good or bad feeling about something. But to think that intuition can only speak to us through body sensations is confusing how intuition works. The good / bad feelings are mechanisms particular to a polluted mind. When oneís mind becomes purer intuition will actually increase, but it will not be associated with good or bad feelings, you will just know, or you might have a vision, flash of insight, or dream and from these, you will know.

Becoming familiar with the patterns and their related body sensations informs us about our inner world, space. But these patterns are also creating the outward reality of our lives. External reality is lifeís way of holding up a mirror and showing us who we are on the inside. The reflection is often a mix of things we like and things we do not like and most of us are likely to be focussed on the things we donít like, giving them greater weight and bearing. To change them, we must change our inner world first, by breaking our addiction to our current thought patterns.

Breaking our addiction to our thought patterns is like performing mind surgery on ourselves, and only we can do it. It is true that hypnosis can have some effect, but hypnosis is one of many tools that works (with varying success) only because we allow it. In order to succeed we need to realise there is no quick fix for reducing and finally extinguishing our polluting thoughts and replacing them with purifying thoughts. It takes time because the mind is incessant, and the brain will need to be habituated to new thoughts in order to reconfigure its neuro-chemical activity. But once we understand this and we have developed an awareness of our thought patterns and the effects of those patterns and once we have begun to habituate ourselves to observing our thoughts, we have taken a major step toward purifying our minds and actualising its true potential. At this point we can begin to work at a deeper purification level and utilise some very powerful methods to accelerate this process

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