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Brain Wave Synchronization and Peak Performance

You probably know that our brains are divided into two hemispheres and that in most of us one hemisphere tends to be more dominant than the other. We tend to call this left or right brain dominant. If you are left brained you willl tend to be more logical, detail oriented, whereas if right brained you willl be more artistic creative emotionally aware. The technical term for this hemispheric dominance is known as brain lateralisation and when the brain is working in this lateralised way, it means that the brainwave frequencies of both the two hemispheres are out of synch.  


Lateralised Brain VS Synchronised Brain  


The fact that most of our brains are lateralised is not a problem, but what it means is that we are not taking advantage of the tremendous potential of our brain, we are just coasting, at best performing in an average way, or worst, we are underachieving. 


In the 70’s and 80’s extensive scientific research was conducted to better understand the significance of brainwave frequencies. The results were so revealing, it opened up a whole new understanding about our brain, the state of our minds, how our brainwaves correspond to our personal experiences, and how successful people’s brainwaves differ from everyone else’s.


Learn How To Slow Down Your Brainwave Frequencies Using Deeply Relaxing Mind Music.

theta brainwave frequency


What became clear was that the brainwaves of highly successful people, regardless of their area of expertise: business, arts, sports, meditation, were operating differently from everyone else. Unlike the lateralised brains of most, the peak performers demonstrated a high level of brainwave synchronisation and when engaged in their area of expertise this increased.

The results of these studies have since been corroborated with further experiments and it is now well established that successful people use both sides of their brains in synch more often than the average person and by doing so, slow down their brainwave frequencies, entering them into the relaxed, creative, regenerative states of alpha, theta and delta.

Brainwave Synchronisation Slows Down Brainwaves

An important aspect of brain synchronisation and its effect on performance has to do with the brainwave frequencies in this state. When the brain is working laterally, its brainwaves are much faster. It is operating in Beta. Beta is our usual waking state, but it is also the state we are in when we get stressed, anxious, tired, agitated. We literally become ‘out of synch’ with ourselves. When your brain becomes synchronised your brainwave slows down. In the lower Beta states, you'll become relaxed, even peaceful but you’ll remain alert. When your brainwave frequencies slows down furhter and begins to synchronise, you’ll have entered the Alpha state, the ‘creative’ frequency and the threshold of greater awareness. The slower your brainwaves become, the deeper you’ll go, entering the Theta state the door way to the subconscious, the awake dreaming state, super learning, inspirations. Going slower again you’ll enter the Delta state a deep meditative state that is responsible for deep healing, and free flowing intuition.

The greater your brainwave synchronization becomes, the deeper you will go, leading to what many describe as enlightenment, self-realisation, experiential wisdom, ‘the awakened mind’.

Relax ... Turn On Your Frontal Lobes With

How To Increase Brainwave Synchronisation or Whole Brain Integration

Throughout history there have been a fortunate few who have, by chance, or intuition discovered how to become master over their mind by developing brainwave synchronisation. This has been achieved through some form of meditation. It is now a long established fact (substantiated by science) that meditation synchronises brainwaves and yields a long list of very positive effects: better health, peace, joy, happiness, benevolence, creativity, enhanced learning/ memory, intuition, insights, awareness, altered states, enhanced performance….

There are a wide variety of meditation practices to choose from, and it would be wrong to say that one is better than another. But what one must realise is that once choosing a practice the key to success is in practicing and being patient with that practice. Think of it as training the mind. The longer you practice the fitter your mind will become.

But meditation is not the only way to synchronise your brainwaves and dramatically enhance the quality of your life. Meditation is a serious practice and requires patience, diligence and time. Many find it difficult and hard to sustain. For those who do not wish to adopt a meditation practice there is another way: brain entrainment.

As a result of all that science has uncovered about brainwaves and brainwave synchronisation (whole brain integration), we now know how to cause our brainwaves to synchronise. By using sound frequencies (known as binaural beats) listened to through stereo headphones, we can now entrain our brain to synchronise its hemispheres. It is proven, safe, easy, and enjoyable. 

More information on how binaural beats synchronise the brain

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