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  Brainwave Frequencies - What Are They and Why We Should Learn How To Control Them?

A brainwave frequency is the electricity that powers the brain. Like the heart beat that never stops, neither do our brainwaves. But brainwaves are more than just a constant power source, they are also directly correlated to our state of mind. 

The brain is an ever-fluctuating electrochemical transmitter / receiver. Whenever there is new stimulus received or transmitted by the brain, its environment changes: its chemical activity and brainwave frequency changes. At any given moment our brainwave frequency can change and when it does there is also a change in the state of our mind, changes that are not random. 

By monitoring brainwave frequencies during different states of consciousness, we now know that specific frequencies correlate to specific states of mind. The implications of knowing what brainwave states correlate to what states of consciousness are huge, because by knowing this, and by knowing how (scientifically) to change the pattern of our brainwaves at will, we are able to affect the pattern of our conscious state, the state of our mind and in having this ability, we can in effect develop the power of our mind by habituating its brainwave state to oscillate at a 'positive mind frequency'. 

Slower brainwaves increase whole brain integration resulting in peak performance, super learning, enhanced creativity, improved memory, greater well being, heightened intuition and so much more. Learn more about to slow down your brainwave frequencies.

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The Different Brainwave Frequencies And How  They Effect Our State Of Mind?   

Brainwave frequencies fall into six ranges. There is a little discrepancy in the exact HZ rate of these frequency ranges. But the discrepancy is modest and does not detract from our understanding of the correlated mind states. The six ranges are as follows:

Gamma 38 - 90Hz / Hyper Gamma – 100hz

Harmonizing and unifying thoughts processed in different parts of the brain, integrates different perceptions, self awareness and insight, produced during hypnotic states 

Beta 12hz -  38hz - Analytical 

Normal waking consciousness, focussed, analytical, mental processing, peak performance. The higher levels (30+) accompany high levels of stress.

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What do binaural beats have to do with brainwave frequencies, and how can they be used  to create positive mind states? Click here to find out.

Alpha 11.9hz - 8hz - Creative  

Relaxed state, common in focussed meditation, creative, resourceful, calm, at ease, whole brain integration, and beginning of higher levels of awareness. 

Theta 7.9hz - 4hz - Integrative 

Threshold of subconscious, dreaming, low anxiety, access to altered states, super learning, enhanced memory, and creative inspiration… 

Delta 3.9hz  -  .01 (estimated) - Intuitive & Healing 

Deep sleep, releases human growth hormone (youth hormone), low blood pressure, low respiration, low body temperature, deep intuition (associated with ‘super achievers’).  Deep intuition.

Lamda ( <0.5hz ) 

Considered a state of suspended animation where no heart beat, respiration or pulse is discernible. Attainable by Yogi’s little is known about them.

For information on how you can change your brainwave frequencies:

Binaural Beats

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