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Brain Entrainment For Increased Mind Power

Brain entrainment sounds clinical and even slightly intimidating. Although scientifically proven, there is nothing clinical about it. Brain entrainment is nothing more than listening to binaural beats (deeply relaxing sound recordings) that puts the listener into a similar state reached through disciplined meditation. This makes brain entrainment a highly beneficial relaxing technique causing many of the positive effects that usually accompanies regular meditation. 

Throughout history all cultures have used music and sound as a power to affect the minds and hearts of people. The most important ceremonies and rituals in our lives have always used: music, rhythm and harmonic tones to sway influence over our psyche. No one is immune to its power.


The reason why music, rhythm, and harmonic tones has such a powerful affect over us is because when we hear it, it changes our brainwave patterns from those of a usual waking state, to those that are more commonly experienced during deep relaxation and meditation. It is in these states that we can affect our the deepest level of our mind, the level that  that ultimately governs our life.

Using sound to change our brain and penetrate our subconscious is not a new concept, but until recently it has not been well understood. Science has now unlocked the codes in sound that have such a powerful effect on our brains. All sounds are made up of vibrating waves, and all waves have their own distinct frequency. Now not all frequencies will affect our brain to positive effect, but we now know the ones that will.

The scientific term for manipulating our brain through sound in this way is called brainwave entrainment. All of us have had an experience where we are performing an action with someone else: walking, rowing, running and without any effort we will naturally start to walk, row, run in synch. The brain is naturally orientated to do this. So when we listen to music, our brain follows the rhythm and begins to fire neurons at the same rate, getting its brainwave in synch so to speak. In order to put our brain in its optimal brainwave state we simply need to listen to specific sound frequencies designed for this exact purpose. These frequencies are commonly called binaural recordings.

To the untrained ear binaural recordings sound like ordinary relaxing music or sound scapes, but underlying the tracks are the ‘positive brain’ frequencies that the brain responds to and synchs itself to. This is brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment is not some far fetched ‘new age’ gimmick, it has been proven by clinical study (see scientific evidence), and has been used by NASA, Fortune 100 companies and leading minds around the world.

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Binaural recordings are engineered for specific results by entraining the brain to specific frequencies. By developing and tapping into the potential of the brain through regular listening it is an easy but highly effective way to develop the manifesting power of the brain and to improve every aspect of ones life. Until recently brain entrainment has been a scientifically proven system that few have known about. But easy to use, deeply relaxing, and resulting in such positive results, the number of people beginning to use brain entrainment to dramatically improve their lives is increasing daily and finding its way into the mainstream.

Recommended Binaural Recordings

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