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NASA,  Fortune 100 Companies, And All Leading Minds Have Benefited From Optimized Brainwave Frequencies. 

This Site Will Show You How You Can Optimize Your Brainwave Frequencies Using Deeply Relaxing Mind Music (technically known as brain entraining binaural beats).

If You Are Seriously Looking For A Way To Improve Your Life's Potential, You've Found One 

What I am About To Share With You About Changing Your Brainwave Frequency  Is A Little Known, But Powerful Secret That Can Change Anyone's Life Forever.

 Knowledge Is Only Power When Used

From The Desk Of  C. Gray  Flynn                                                                                                                                            Date 07  July, 2009

Thank you for stopping here because I want to share something with you. Something that will truly transform your life if applied. No hype. 

You, as you know yourself, have one life to live, to love ... to fulfill your dreams. But it is very likely that you are one of the majority of people who is not experiencing the life you've dreamt of for yourself. Somehow you just can't seem to get your life on track, or you are so anxiety ridden that you are robbed of confidence to go for what you want. If this sounds familiar, I have good news for you. 

I am a very creative person, all my life people have believed in my abilities and talents and it was taken for granted that I would succeed in using them. However, until recently I have felt thwarted in my ability to achieve the life I've always wanted, and find a deep peace within. What I have realised in turning my life around, so that I am now succeeding with my talents, is that the only reason I was not succeeding before was because of how my mind was sabotaging me. It was running wild because I had not trained my mind in the way that is necessary to succeed. Since learning how to do this, I have appeared on television (Channel 4 'Dumped), been featured as a specialist on radio broadcasts (BBC Radio "Have Your Say, BBC Three Counties), had numerous articles published, created a large public art installations, increased my income substantially, moved home to live in a sublime setting, improved my health and well being substantially and have numerous creative projects being offered at present. 



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Learn How To Train Your Mind In The Way That Will Make You Succeed

Every experience we have in life begins with a thought. How we think about ourselves, what we believe, want, understand ....  We all want our experiences to generate a good feeling in us but if your thought processes are not oriented to focus in a positive way, the chances are not stacked in your favour to experience your life as you would like it to be. Our quality of life is directly related to how optimum our minds are working on our behalf. 

Let me give you an example. If you take a group of optimists and a group of realists and you subject them to the same task, to achieve the same goal, more optimists will succeed at the task than realists, even if the realists are more informed about what is required to accomplish the task. This is because realists can see all the reasons that might inhibit their success and part of their focus is directed towards what can cause them to fail. Whereas optimists are by far more oriented towards focussing only on the final positive result. In doing this, optimists brains work more optimally for their benefit and as a consequence they are: more creative in their ability to see how to accomplish their goals, have more energy, are more motivated and have a stronger belief in their ability reach their goal. This causes a positive feedback loop in the optimists mind, that then continually supports the optimist towards achieving the desired result.

But underlying this is something even more important. The optimists brainwave frequency is different from the realists. It will tend to be slower. And this is magic to know, if you know how to change your brainwave frequency. If you don't, don't worry here goes....  

Have The Same Control Over Your Mind That All Successful People Have

Now I realise that if you are are worried about money, health, family, career and all the other stressors that life presents to us, it can make it hard to remain optimistic, and shut out the negative thoughts, never mind disciplining the mind and changing your brainwave frequency. But here's the good news: there are now automated technologies (scientifically proven ) that will condition your brain to remain in a calm and relaxed state, enabling you to think more positively, becoming more aware of your habitual thought processes, and making the appropriate positive changes possible through this awareness. With this awareness, you become more mindful, more present in the moment and being so you are able to monitor whether your mind is practicing a positive view point. With all these benefits working in unison, it creates a positive mental loop back effect causing you to eventually have the kind of control over your mind that all successful people have. Moreover, once your brainwaves become normalized (entrained) to a lower frequency, feeling good, relaxed, peaceful becomes a normal state. The technology that enables you to do this is called brain entrainment. Nor are the benefits just mental, but physical, emotional and spiritual.

Brain Entrainment  Will Lower You Brainwave Frequency - VERY GOOD

Brain Entrainment sounds clinical and perhaps involved. But simply put it is achieved by listening to deeply relaxing 'mind music' that has frequencies that you cannot hear, but that gets both sides of your brain to 'synch up' and operate "in stereo". This is what entrainment is. It is the synching up of your brains hemispheres. There are many simple instances of entrainment that we witness all the time. For example when you are walking with a friend you will naturally start to walk and talk at the same pace. The same can be seen  if you put twenty pendulums in a room all swinging out of synch from each other, eventually they will all swing in synch. This is entrainment in a nutshell. Unfortunately most people's brains do not tend to work this way - unless their brain is naturally orientated to  best benefit them. Most super-achievers naturally control their brainwaves, even if they’re unaware of doing so, they are also known to naturally have brainwave synchronisation, where both sides of the brain are working as one, in synch. This is the case with great scientist, artists, athletes, the great sages of the world ...  and anyone who is living their passion. These people are naturally optimists because they are continually striving towards their life's dream and this causes their brains to work optimally. The great news is that now anyone can get their brain to work in this way because we now have the scientific understanding of how great minds work and the technology to put the brain into that state



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How Does Brainwave Entrainment 'Engineer' Your Brain For Optimum Performance

In your usual waking state your brain is operating at the Beta brainwave level. This is your usual waking state. In this state you experience different degrees of arousal, from just waking up to being highly aroused, agitated, stressed, afraid ..... During brain entrainment you brain enters one of three other brainwave states Alpha, Theta or Delta. These are the same states that one enters during meditation and are completely natural, safe and beneficial. The more we enter them, the better off we are. We enter these states naturally. However in today's stressful world,  most of us do not get to spend enough time in these states to enable our brains to integrate both hemispheres fully and thus enabling our brains to function and think optimally. Entering the Alpha, Theta or Delta brainwave states results in the following benefits:

Benefits Of Alpha Brainwaves (9 to 14 Hz)

  • building blocks for higher levels of awareness and for the highly desirable “whole brain integration” brain state 

  • a calm mind

  • increased sense of well being

  • detached awareness

  • detached awareness, ability to 'watch' thoughts in the present and change them resulting in 'Success Control' (TM)

  • relaxed state

  • vivid imagination and lucid visualisation ability

  • awareness of dreams and lucid dreaming

  • link between conscious and subconscious mind

  • gateway to meditation

NB - There are slight variations on agreed frequencies of Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. 


What Clinical Studies Prove

Dr. Margaret Patterson, an English pioneer in the use of altered brainwave frequencies, found that 10 cps Alpha brainwaves stimulate the production of serotonin – the brain neurotransmitter responsible for increased relaxation and pain reduction.

Endorphins, the “feel good” neurotransmitter experienced by runners, are also released when your brain is focused in Alpha and Theta. Several endorphins have positive effects on mental functions, and their release is directly tied to Alpha and Theta brainwaves.

One valuable benefit of sound-induced brain synchronization is an improved ability to learn. What is today known as “ super-learning” first began with the work of Bulgarian psychiatrist Georgi Lozanov .... In the early ‘70s Lozanov used a combination of guided relaxation and “synchronized rhythms” to create Alpha brainwaves in students. His subjects managed to learn five times more information in a given time than the “non-treatment” subjects. They also remember the materials better. 

Benefits Of Theta Brainwaves (5 to 8 Hz)

  • free flowing ideas

  • wired into subconscious mind

  • increased creativity (ah ha moments)

  • relaxed state

  • a calm mind

  • deep meditation

  • deep healing of body and mind

  • super learning

  • key to meditation and spiritual break through

  • very positive mental state

What The Professionals Say

In their book "Beyond Biofeedback” researchers Elmer and Alyce Green claim that persons experiencing enhanced Theta waves have “life-altering insights leading to deep feelings of psychological well-being.”

The Greens report that following hemispheric synchronization-type Theta training, their research subjects were "psychologically healthier, had more social poise, were less rigid and conforming, and were more self-accepting and creative." Their subjects also reported "improved relationships, greater tolerance, understanding, and love of oneself and of one’s world." 

Biofeedback expert Dr. Thomas Budzynski, describes Theta as: “A transition zone between wakefulness and sleep in which one can absorb new information in an uncritical, non-analytical fashion.” He feels Theta brainwaves allow new information to pass directly to the right hemisphere of the brain -- bypassing the “filters” of the left hemisphere.

Dr. Lester Fehmi of Princeton University believes that induced brain synchronization is the best known method for getting information into the “whole brain." According to Fehmi, during such an experience you “widen the scope of your awareness (and) become less self-conscious and function more intuitively."

Induced hemispheric synchronization offers anti-aging benefits. Dr. Robert Cosgrove, a MD and biomedical engineer, believes this brain state is “an excellent neuro-pathway exerciser that promotes optimal brain performance.” Cosgrove feels regular achievement of synchronization “could delay deterioration of the brain due to aging for decades.” Also the human growth hormone (HGH) produced in Delta offers proven anti-aging benefits.

A study conducted by Dr. Giampapa, an ex-President of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, reveals that Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwaves increase the production of hormones important for increased longevity and well-being.

At slower brainwave patterns, the production of DHEA and melatonin increases significantly: DHEA as much as 90%, and melatonin up to 300%.

Benefits Of Delta Brainwaves (0.1 to 4 Hz)

  • improved physical wellbeing -- DHEA (commonly known as the youth hormone) is released while Cortisone (commonly known as the degenerative hormone) is reduced

  • intuitive and psychic ability enhanced

  • gateway to conscious / collective unconscious

  • state of transcendental experiences

  • access to universal mind

What People Who Use Brain Entrainment Say

For the past six months, I've not been worried about a thing. In fact I've spent a lot of that time happy, grateful, excited, at peace much more than was my habit. There is only one thing that I have bee doing that is different in my life - brain entrainment. My mind is gradually being steered away from negative thinking, and focussed much more on positives, and when I do find myself in a negative state because of a circumstance, it passes quickly.

Jennifer Thompson, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I wish I had discovered brain entrainment years ago. I am convinced it would have saved me so much anxiety, stress and poor health. I don't know if it was just a coincidence, but within the first week of listening to the recordings I started to feel so much lighter and much more inspired about how to get my business off the ground. Coincidence or not, and I think not, I still brain entrain, continue to feel so much better than I did prior to listening to the recordings and just seem to get things done much easier than before. Thank You. 

Jeff Muller, Seattle, Washington

I definitely feel different. This might sound mad, but I fear nothing now. I've never felt like this in my life. 

Christine, Scotland

Brain Entrainment  Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3:

Download Your Recordings, Plug In Your Headphones, Listen

Brain entrainment is deeply relaxing 'mind music' that requires only that you listen to it through headphones. You need to listen to it through headphones because each ear is hearing different frequencies. This is what causes your brain to 'synch' up.  Depending on the recording you listen to you might be hearing music, or pleasant nature sounds such as waves, or other relaxing tones. But underlying what you are hearing are the carrier frequencies (the ones that entrain your brain). You won't necessarily hear these carrier frequencies, in fact you probably won't, but your brain is hearing them and is being entrained. Preferably you should listen to the recordings once a day. It is best not to listen more than once a day, because, while being entrained, your brain is working hard at creating more neural connections and, like a muscle that has been worked, develops better if given a rest. You needn't listen everyday, the entrainment will pick up where you left off, but it is better if you can, and once you start, you'll probably look forward to your listening session. From the first time you begin listening you will probably start to feel more relaxed, but if not, don't worry. It takes a little time for the brain to properly integrate. Lasting results will come in time. Don't listen while driving or operating heavy machinery, you should listen when you won't be disturbed and can allow yourself to relax. Many brain entrainment recordings are inexpensive and easily downloaded as mp3s onto your computer (some suggestions below). 



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Brain Entrainment Engineers Your  Mind For Optimum Performance - Mind Power 

There is a quiet revolution happening. All over the world people are slowly beginning to realise that all problems begin in the mind. This is an astounding insight because what it means is that the solutions to these same problems are found in the same place - in the mind. Understanding our problem is actually the hardest part of solving it. Once we know what the problem is we are automatically driven to find a  solution, it is in our nature. It is said that with every era, the technology required to aide us in our evolutionary quest arrives. It is of no coincidence that brain entrainment and meditation have arrived into the mainstream. They are gateways to mind power. 

To find the way to your dreamed of life all you need do is get control of the way your mind works, get it to function optimally, where you control what it habitually thinks about. When you can control your minds focus you are well on your way to creating the life you prefer. The most successful, satisfied, people are those with a disciplined mind. Once you begin to entrain your brain you will become increasingly aware of how it is habituated, how it is stuck in ineffective thinking. As you entrain, you  will notice your awareness of how things really are expand,  and because you will be tapping into your creative brain more, you will be able to make the most appropriate choice regardless of the situation you find yourself in. You will stop wasting precious time acting without effect. And because you will become calmer, more relaxed, not only will your mental health improve, but your physical health will benefit significantly. You cannot put a price on this. Many people have spent years on developing their minds, have spent thousands of dollars on programmes, retreats, counselling but none of them have so easily, cheaply or swiftly resulted in the benefits achieved through brain entrainment. Brain entrainment is easy, enjoyable, proven, safe, fast, cheap and it works. 

There are many brain entrainment products on the market. But many of them are broken into costly programmes that you have to go through step by step to get the best effect. This ties you into having to buy a whole programme and some of them cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. This is entirely unnecessary. Having tried most of the most popular brain entrainment programmes available I am only recommending two that I find equally as beneficial. The first for those who want the goods but not the price, and the second for those who like to go with the market leader. My first recommendation allows you to try brain entrainment at a very modest cost starting from $14.99 and to pick and choose the programmes you want. In addition to this you will be told exactly what brainwave states the chosen recording is intended to put you in (unlike many other products on the market) and rather than having to wait for CDs to be delivered you can download the files straight away and get started straight away. 

Get Your Best Deal Brain Entrainment Recordings Here

Below are the three companies recordings I am recommending. I have tried and tested all my recommendations and can attest to the effectiveness of all of those offered below.

1. Most Recommended 

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This company, Mind Synch knows its stuff, has a vast range of recordings to choose from and explains explicitly what effect each recording has on the brain. You can even download a short sample to get a taste, however the demo will not entrain your brain as it is too short (less than a minute). When I first tried Mind Synch entrainment recordings I had a lot to compare it to, and I was very impressed with how effective these recordings are. The entrainment works very quickly. It might be because these recordings are not mixed with music or pink noise, they are  simply aural tones that have a strong and immediate effect. This company has a wide range of recordings to choose from and sell them according to different benefits. However regardless of the recordings you choose all entrainment recordings have multiple benefits as entrainment is designed to develop whole brain integration. Starting at a very affordable price of under $20, this is value plus. To download these recordings simply click on the Mind Synchimage above or  click here If  you prefer to have the tones mixed with music the next choice will be a better choice for you. 


2. A Great Deal 

This company is the lesser known of the three I am recommending, but having tried their recordings and compared them to others, I can guarantee that what they are offering is a fantastic deal. The are offering twelve different recordings at a price that cannot be beaten anywhere else. And if that isn't enough, they are including a free special bonus recording in the bundle. Although new in the market, their bundled offer is a comprehensive library of recordings that entrain the listener to experience a long list of benefits.

For my money this is a great choice.

To download your recordings simply click on the image above or click here. You will be taken to a page showing you all the recordings included in the bundle and what they do. After placing your order you can immediately download your brain entrainment recording and begin to harness the power of your mind immediately. I promise you, if you listen to your recordings consistently this will be the best bargain you ever found. 

And Just Incase

You might be thinking, I have control over my mind, I know how it is habituated. If so, and you are still not convinced of what I have told you about the mind and how to harness it,  let me suggest a little exercise to test what I've said. When you have some quiet, private time, take 10 minutes and sit quietly, close your eyes and just watch where your thoughts go. Try and empty your mind so that it is empty. If you cannot do this (and a disciplined mind can with a disciplined practice) try and stay focussed on just one train of thought, If you can do this, if you consistently control your thoughts in the direction you want them to go, in a direction that makes you feel good, in a direction that supports  your dreams, then I would say to you, you are fortunate and amongst the exceptional few. But, if you cannot settle your mind in this way, then why not give brain entrainment a try, an honest try. Gaining discipline over your mind will liberate you, make you happier, peaceful, relaxed, healthier, sharper, more intuitive, more successful. Give yourself a chance to experience the way life should be, harmonious within yourself, as the rest of nature is. 

My sincere wishes for your brightest future C. Gray Flynn

All Power Is Mental Power And The Secret Of Mental Power Lies In The Power Of Concentrated Focus

 May All Beings Know: True Love, True Peace, True Happiness

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