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   Slow Your Brainwave Frequencies For Greater Mind Power

What Are Brainwave Frequencies  

As its name suggests, brainwave frequencies are simply the electric frequencies occurring in the brain. They charge the brain with its operating power, so they are constant, but the frequency with which they charge the brain is variable. When the frequency changes, our state of consciousness also changes. So for example when you are happy, the operating power of your brainwave frequency will be different from that when you are sad. It is not understood exactly why this is, but it is well  documented that this is what happens and we also know, not only  what frequencies correlate to what states of consciousness but also how we can modify our brainwave frequencies for improved mental functioning. This is what binaural beats are designed for: to cause certain brainwave frequencies to occur that correspond to positive and higher states of consciousness.

What Are Binaural Beats And How Do They Improve Mind Power? 

Binaural beats are an auditory stimulus that is used to cause the brain to enter different brainwave frequencies. By doing so the brain, in time, becomes habituated to entering these different brainwave frequencies resulting in changes in states of consciousness. 

Some Of The Benefits of Lower Brainwave Frequencies Charted Below

Brainwave Frequencies and Their Correlated Mental States

Beta 13 - 38 hz - Analytical : normal waking consciousness, focussed, analytical, mental processing, peak performance. The higher levels accompany high levels of stress.
Alpha 8 - 12.9 hz - Creative: relaxed state, common in focussed meditation, creative, resourceful, calm, at ease, whole brain integration, and beginning of higher levels of awareness. 
Theta 7.9 - 4hz - Integrative: threshold of subconscious, dreaming, low anxiety, access to altered states, deeper levels of meditation, super learning, enhanced memory, and creative inspiration…
Delta 3.9 - .01 hz - Intuitive & Healing Deep sleep, releases human growth hormone (youth hormone), low blood pressure, low respiration, low body temperature, deep intuition (associated with ‘super achievers’).  Deep intuition.

How Do Binaural Beats Change Brainwave Frequencies?   

When the brain is stimulated by listening to a binaural beat there are actually two sound waves of different frequencies present, one being heard through the right ear, and the other through the left. So if ( for example) the right ear is presented with a steady tone of 310hz and the left ear 300hz the two tones combine in the brain and the brain perceives a difference of 10hz. This is the binaural beat. Now, let us assume when we begin listening to this binaural beat our brainwave frequency is between 12hz – 38hz (this is commonly known as the Beta brainwave state, a highly alert and often stress related state) by listening to the binaural beat and perceiving the 10hz discrepancy between our right and left ears, the brain will be entrained to enter a 10hz brainwave frequency ( the Alpha brainwave state, a deeply relaxed state, the realm of the creative mind, and  platform for higher levels of consciousness). This is known as brain entrainment and binaural beats can be used to entrain the  brain to enter all brainwave states: Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma.

What Are The Mind Power Benefits Of Using Binaural Beats?

The benefits derived from using binaural beats are similar to that of meditation. They are physical, mental and emotional. Results for listeners are individual but can include: deep relaxation, stress reduction, lower blood pressure, pain management, euphoria, increased endorphin levels and anti ageing hormones, deeper sleep, decrease in sleep requirements, improved memory, enhanced creativity and intuition, lucid dreaming, super learning,  greater awareness, and a variety of altered states of consciousness such as: remote viewing, telepathy, and out-of-body experiences.   

Are The Results From Binaural Beats Lasting? 

Yes, if binaural beats are applied consistently for a period of some months, then the brain becomes habituated (entrained) and the effects are lasting. This is because in causing hemispheric synchronisation or brainwave synchronisation in the brain (a very good thing) the brain actually increases its neural connectivity between the hemispheres.

Note that when listening to binaural beats one should do so when there will be no interruption and with foccussed intent.

Are Binaural Beats Safe To Use?   

Yes binaural beats are simply a result of two different sounds with varying frequencies. The binaural beat is created within your own brain. IHowever, i you suffer from any schizophrenia, or are pregnant it is advised not to use binaural beats. 

Where Can I Get Binaural Beats

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