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Riding The Wave With Your Heart And Mind  

A Quick Lesson In Self Mastery

How many times in your life have you felt you are riding some great big wave? Your life is clicking in all the right ways and you couldn't feel better? Inevitably you land on shore once more and your feet are well and truly planted on solid ground whether you want them to be or not. Now while its true that being earthed is a good thing, too much of a good thing isn't.

I'm chancing to say that most of us would like more of those high surf rides. But don't know how to make them happen. In fact most of us probably doubt that we can even make them happen, that they are simply a lucky happening. Well the bad news is you are wrong and the good news is - you can.

Here's the thing, the familiar adage: what goes around comes around is a fact. And of course a wave is a cycle. So how do you get the wave going your way, and moreover, how do you get it to be big?

Waveforms are the building blocks of all that we call reality. Little packets of energy waving along, pure potential ready to transform. This includes our: thoughts, feelings, intentions, they are all energy frequencies. Powerful energy frequencies that have from moment to moment created the world you are presently immersed in.

Relax ... Turn On Your Frontal Lobes With

So given that we are essentially immersed in a sea of energy how is it that we sometimes manage to make it rise with us on top?

It was once believed that our minds, our brains resonated the strongest electromagnetic field from our bodies. But that assumption has been proven wrong. It is actually our hearts. This is critical to understand because the ceaseless mental chatter that is our minds is in fact far less effective in directing the potential of our lives than that of the constant resonance waving out from our hearts.

You could say that our hearts create waves that are triple the size of those created by our minds (perhaps bigger). But this is not the end of it. Because like attracts like, the frequency of any given wave attracts the same to itself, effectively multiplying its amplitude.

This is not to say that little waves can't be powerful - over years they are - so much so that they will wear away a stone. But by contrast it only takes one big wave to instantly move a stone out of your way.

Of course, like anything else worth aspiring to, it is not quite as simple as it all sounds (no surprise) because for most of us the head and heart are largely undisciplined, wild creatures, running free in a myriad of different directions, most often with too many negative thoughts and emotions that serve mostly to counteract the positive ones we do have, or worst yet, create the worst case scenario imagined and dreaded.


So how do we turn this around, making our thoughts and feelings not only habitually positive but coherent also? Lets say you are diligently practicing positive thinking, but deep down in your heart you are doubtful, or feeling in someway negative, in this situation your positive thinking will come to little good or no good. A more effective strategy would be to practice feeling positive, loving, peaceful emotions. Not only will you be begin emanating strong positive wave frequencies, but when this is what is truly in your heart (and with practice it will become so), your head cannot help but follow, emitting the same, and once you've got your head and heart working as a team in this way, it is only a matter of time before your wave will rise.


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May All Beings Know:  Real Love, Real Peace, Real Happiness