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Your Beastly Mind

Your mind is a wild thing, any good Buddhist will attest to as much. “Monkey Mind” you might hear one call it. Unbridled, it defies taming and commonly runs the potential of one’s life amok. As for those who do manage to discipline it a little, the ensuing success, however seemingly huge, is but the revealing tip of a mental colossus with the power to exhalt one’s life beyond the coarse and crude yearnings of a predatory animal.

Palatable or not we are all, to some degree, coarse crude creatures, all out to get ‘ours’. Disagree? Stop and check yourself for a moment. Have you just jumped to a defensive position, armed to counter argue? If so, you have just reacted without hearing me out, giving reign to the part of you that hits first and questions later, the part of you that is governed by your reptilian brain stem.

Relax ... Turn On Your Frontal Lobes With

Our reptilian brain stem is a primal operator. Lacking the ability to be self reflective, it is motivated by fear, concerned only with self-preservation it is the part that takes over when a threat - real or not - is perceived. If it were working in balance with our higher functions: conscience, wisdom, compassion (resident in the front lobes of our brain), it would no doubt be serving us well, but it’s not. 

Everyone can see that the state of global human affairs is out of balance. Look a little closer and it’s clearer again that ignorance is the tipper. Ignorance precipitates fear, greed, lust, hatred, anger, judgement, violence - all the dark characters of the human psyche that give rise to the monstrous acts in our world.

As much as we might like to dress up and gloss over our outward facade the consequences of our actions speak of the truth we hold within. Whether we like it or not residing with each of us is a beast that through self-discipline must be tamed and trained if we are to realise our true potential and reset the balance of our world.

Part 2 The R Complex - How Much Is It Controlling You? 


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May All Beings Know: True Love, True Peace, True Happiness