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What Is An Altered State?

An altered state of consciousness is a term coined by Charles Tart, and given to describe changes in brainwave activity that causes a shift in one’s normal sense of perception.

The quality of an altered state in consciousness is highly variable ranging from subtle and transitory (such as the runners ‘high’) to dramatic and permanently life altering. The latter is commonly associated with highly sensational experiences such as euphoria, ecstasy, out of body experiences, astral travel, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, channeling, premonitions, transcendence, and what can only be described as other mystical experiences.

Individuals who experience such dramatic altered states of consciousness often report a radical, but positive, shift in their perspective on life and view of existence in general. Associated with such transformations, the altered state in consciousness is a highly sought after experience.

An altered state can come about spontaneously through lack of sleep, oxygen deprivation, nitrogen narcosis (as a result of deep water diving), trauma, fever, shock or pain. Sometimes it can be induced by the use of sensory deprivation devices (e.g. floatation tank) and mind-control techniques such as: hypnosis, meditation, chanting, and prayer. Ingesting psychoactive drugs such as alcohol, opiates, LSD, peyote, marijuana, mescaline, psychedelic mushrooms etc, can also cause one.

Another effective way to experience an altered state is by using a variety of  neurotechnology such as psychoacoustics (brainwave entrainment using binaural beats) and cranial electrotherapy stimulation. These technologies are designed to induce specific brainwave patterns causing particular altered states.

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For more information on how binaural beats can induce an altered state:

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