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Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction – Do Less, Achieve More

At any one time, most of us have a list of things we want to achieve, and we keep ourselves busy in the trying, dividing our effort over the many things demanding our attention. We think we are being busy getting things done, but in reality we are actually acting counter productive to our aims. Being ‘busy’ is a malaise of our increasingly sophisticated world, but it is far from effective. To be effective, one actually has to become less busy.

In the nineteenth century, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto observed that there is a 80 -20 rule (now known as the Pareto principle) that can be generally applied to all aspects of life. In the case of success, it means that approximately twenty percent of what we do achieves roughly eighty percent of what we succeed in. Or to put it another way, eighty percent of our effort, will only achieve twenty percent of our success. This rule, of 20 - 80 can be applied to anything. For example, eighty percent of our time is spent with twenty percent of the people in our lives, and during that time, we will be wearing the same clothes that make up the favorite twenty percent of our wardrobe. 

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Similarly, eighty percent of our busy-ness is a waste of our time. In fact it is worst than this, because being so busy with little to show for it is discouraging, stressful, tiring, and compromises our ability to give a full throttle twenty percent. Worst still, it dilutes our concentration, scatters our attention, blurs our focus, and weakens our intentions making us impotent in attracting what we want into our lives.

When our intentions are weak, they will not come to pass because there is not sufficient energy required to break through the inertia of dormant potential. In the language of the “Law Of Attraction”, what this means is that the power of your thought, the focus of your intent, is not strong enough to attract to you the thing you are intending. Thought is the way that we move energy towards and away from us, but when our thoughts are weak through dilution, they cannot move anything, or at best, very little, you literally have no thought power.

In order to accelerate your success and succeed more -- do less. To achieve maximum acceleration choose the one thing you want to achieve the most and concentrate your attention on. By doing this you will eliminate much of the mental noise that ineffective busy-ness creates. This in turn will free up more of your energy and by maintaining undivided focus on your intent, your belief in its manifesting will strengthen and your whole being will become more coherent towards achieving your desired outcome. When this happens your choices will be determined and inspired in a way that will conspire to make your intention materialise.

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