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Positive Mind States

Your Mind Is The Key To Everything - Master Your Mind And Turn The Key 

Your mind is what makes you happy, makes you sad, makes you feel good, and feel bad. Like most, you probably believe that what makes you feel good and bad are the realities of your life. But your mind also created the realities of your life. Often people mistake the misfortunes of their life on others, circumstances, birthright .... but this is incorrect thinking. It might be that the occurrences are / were real but only you, your mind, can choose to let them control you and make you feel bad. From moment to moment, in this moment now, you are creating the reality of your life. The reason why you have ended up on this page is most likely because you are questioning the reality of your life, or are looking for a way to feel better, or fix something in your life, or perhaps you have already realized the incredible power to be had in disciplining your mind's potential and are looking for more information or tools to help you along. Read on.

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Very often, it is not until we have hit a bottom, or are feeling desperate, or have woken up to the fact that there is more to life than just plodding along that we start to question why we can't get our lives working the way we want. We are intelligent, work hard, do our  best, and might even be very  successful by most standards,  but from a place within, we know there is more, we just don't know how to get to it. The truth is we have it already, we just need to tame it, and take reign over it - our magnificent mind.  This site is all about  how you become a conscious creator of your reality, by becoming the master of your mind. With sincere commitment, patience and gentility you will succeed and when you do you will be amazed at how it affects the whole of your life: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, professional, social, material. There is not a single aspect of your life that is not governed by your mind.

The Truly Powerful Are The Enlightened Masters Of Their Own Minds

We live in a truly exciting age wherein the true potential of the mind and the power of its thought energy are coming to light. En masse we are coming to understand what the sages through the ages have always known -- that true power comes from within and that the way to tap into that power is to harness and discipline the mind and the flow of its energy. 

Where before scientists once stood opposite to mystics, they are now beginning to acknowledge they are students of the same discipline: the mysteries of what is (in scientific terms) being called the Unified Field: the infinite creative intelligence that is responsible for the whole of creation. We are also coming to understand that, as part of this unified field, we are able to influence its creative expression through our own lives and that our ability to do this lies in the quality of our thoughts.

It is no longer a cliché to say we are dawning a new age of consciousness. Awakening to our true nature, many of us now understand that our complete experience of reality is the result of our thought behaviour and that our thought behaviour effects not only our reality but the whole of reality. As transmitters and receptors of the Unified Field, our thoughts, individually and collectively, effect both the individual and the whole. Like all energy, our thoughts travel like waves in the unified field. And like all energy our thought energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed according to its vibrational signature which has a creative or destructive potential.

Positive Mind States is an expose on understanding the power of our mind and its thought energy and how we can begin to master our thought behaviour to the  betterment of all of creation. Each of us are gifted with the  most powerful electromagnetic transmitter on the planet - our brain. As we learn to operate it effectively, we begin the process of actualizing our highest potential, and in doing that we change not only our individual reality but the reality of the whole.

How To Use This Site

All of the articles in this site compliment each other. Although each of us must find what works best for us, disciplining the mind leads everyone on a common journey that requires the mind to eventually go through the same process. This process is illuminated through the articles on this site. They need not be read in any particular order. Start with the titles that 'speak' to you the most. All articles on this site can be found on the Site Map

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May All Beings Know: True Love, True Peace, True Happiness