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What Vibes Are You Emitting ?

The easiest way to check your vibe is to ask yourself how do you feel? Do you feel good, bad, or somewhere in between? Your answer is an accurate gauge to the vibe you are emitting.

What Waves Are You Causing?

Look at your life. Is it going well? Are you happy with most of it, or not? Look for specifics. Do you have a strong social support? Are you financially secure? Whatever is showing up in your life indicates the waves you are causing in the creative ocean of conscious being. Of course everything moves in cycles, there are ups and downs from time to time for most of us. But by looking at the frequency and propensity of your life's cycles you will have an accurate reading on the dominant waves you are creating. For example, are there a lot of 'storms' in your life, is it regularly tumultuous, rocky and rough, or is it mostly smooth, fun, magic, calm, happy? 

What Causes Our Vibe? (Part 3)

How Can I Make My Vibe Good? (Part 4)

Making Waves With Your Vibe (Part 1)


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