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What Causes Our Vibe?

Our vibes are created by the activity of our mind, which interact with our brain causing electrochemical reactions. The chemical reactions (neurotransmitters, endorphins, hormones and so forth) cause us to feel physically and emotionally good or bad, affect our health, and act as a biofeedback loop to our mind. At the same time, the electric activity in our brain modulates according to our thoughts causing either long, but high waves, or short low frequent waves. These are known as our brainwave frequencies and if we are to use the drop in the ocean analogy, their effects are obvious.

Brainwaves are frequencies of energy that travel through and out from our being. Created from our thoughts, they are measurable, and as energy cannot be destroyed only transformed. Long high waves have greater resonance in the cosmic ocean of creative being. They are stronger in their ability to move energy, gather more to itself through momentum, and transform matter. Short low waves on the other hand are comparatively weak, peter out, and lose their energy to the oceanic whole causing no great affect. Relative to long high waves, it would take an unknowable number of short low waves to produce the same transforming potential of a long one.

This does not mean that short low waves are weak however. They are only weak by comparison. Like an unceasing drip will eventually wear away the stone it drops on, short brainwaves when their numbers are strong will cause the object of their collective focus to become real. This is how the collective unconscious is so powerful and able to paint the picture of our collective dominant mind through our created human world.

Following along with what is being said here, you might have deduced by now what brainwave frequencies are dominating your own life. Or in other words, what vibe you are putting out. If your life isn't going where you want it to, it's a very good bet that your brainwaves are short and low. Now this isn't to say that you aren't emitting any long, high waves, only that you're not emitting enough of them. Which doesn't mean you need to emit only long ones, this isn't possible, nor is it necessary that you emit more long ones than short one, being that long ones are more powerful, only that some more long ones are necessary if you want to make positive changes in your life.

So how does one make their vibe positive, emitting long powerful waves into the cosmic ocean of creative conscious being?

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Did You Know: Slower brainwaves increase whole brain integration resulting in peak performance, super learning, enhanced creativity, improved memory, greater well being, heightened intuition and so much more. Learn more about the benefits of slower brainwave frequencies and how to make them slower.

All articles written by C. Gray Flynn

May All Beings Know:  True Love, True Peace, True Happiness