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Thoughts Seeds, Emotional Fertilizers: Planting In The Source

It is the indisputable truth that our reality is a consequence of our thinking life. But it is also true that many of the thoughts that we think about do not transpire as we would like. Worst yet, it is often the opposite of what we would like that ‘shows’ up for us. This makes grasping that our thoughts create our reality difficult for some, and confounding for others who know that it is so, but are only succeeding in a sporadic way. They know that their thoughts are powerful and the key to creating what they want for their lives. But through experience, they also know they are missing a crucial piece of the reality creating puzzle.

And the missing piece? Emotion! Emotion is the catalyst of all thought power. Or more accurately, the kind of emotion we tie to each of our thoughts determines the creative outcome of those thoughts. This goes for negative and positive thoughts equally. The stronger the emotions accompanying a thought, the more potent the creative potential of that thought becomes. If our thoughts are seeds, our emotions are the fertilizers of those seeds. Without strong emotion accompanying the thought, the thought becomes impotent.

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The more emotional we are, the more we tap into our subconscious minds -- the mental underworld that does not distinguish from real or imagined. We call it our subconscious mind, but this is really a misnomer. A more accurate description would be to call it our subtle mind. Our subtle mind, along with the love we are capable of, is the purest aspect of our nature, and is in tune with all of nature. It has direct access to the great collective, universal, consciousness that is infinitely creative, indestructible, ever changing, and is the source of all reality.

Our subtle mind is in fact no different from this source. It is an individuated, expressing, aspect of it.  Like the cell is to the body, our subtle mind is to the creative source of all things, and the way that we access this part of ourselves, to create the life we want, is to couple our thoughts with strong emotions. When our thoughts are emotionally charged they will be transmitted by our subtle mind to our creative source, and what our subtle mind transmits most strongly and repetitively, our subtle mind will receive from its source. It might take time, it might be instant, but it will be.

But for it to be as desired, it is absolutely necessary to become mindful of the emotions attached to your thoughts. When you really want something to manifest in your life, it is very important to be relaxed about it, to have positive feelings about it, to feel good about it, the stronger the positive feelings, the better. If you worry that it might not happen, or keep looking for indications that it will, you might be spending a lot of time thinking about it, and really wanting it to occur, but what you are really doing by being anxious, worried, afraid, or clinging very tightly to its manifestation in a certain way, is sending a negative emotional message to your subtle mind about the thing that you want and by doing this, you are fertilizing your thought with a negative potential.

This is the reason, why so often, even when you know that your thoughts create your reality and you are busy making affirmations about what you want, you are unsuccessful. Without realising it, your emotional reality behind the thought is often full of doubt. You in fact don’t believe in your creative potential, and the subtle mind not differentiating between real and imagined goes along with what is being emotionally experienced.

In order to overcome your emotions so that they no longer thwart your thought power, you must master your conscious mind to become stable so that it cannot be disturbed by negative emotions. If you have not begun such a process, it might seem impossible, that all of your emotions are part of you and can’t be changed, or eradicated. But this is not true. The mind can be disciplined in a way were negative emotions become weaker and eventually fall away. This happens over time as you become mentally stronger, and you come to understand and personally experience the essence of your true nature and that of all reality.


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