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How Much Is Your R Complex Controlling You? 

The R Complex could be equally called the snake within us (not to be mistaken with our kundalini) because it is the physiological common denominator we share with all reptiles. The first stage in a series of evolutionary plateaus, it is the most ancient part of our brain and is responsible for our most destructive and base behaviors: 

Characteristics Of The R Complex AKA Reptilian Brain

  • tribal hierarchies 

  • group think

  • territoriality

  • possessiveness

  • competition

  • anxiety

  • fear

  • need for power

  • sex

  • lust

  • greed

  • ritualistic compulsive behaviors

  • addiction

  • worry

  • rage

  • cruelty

  • aggression 

  • violence

  • warfare....

Whenever a person loses self control (mental, emotional, physical) it is because they have, at least temporarily, given dominion to their reptile brain, operating at the lowest level of consciousness available to them. When this happens a sense of remorse is a common response in the aftermath. However if one becomes accustomed to operating at this level, becoming desensitized, experiencing less and less or even no sense of remorse he/she is, if not acting in a psychopathic way, verging on it.  

Shrink The Lizard

If one can see the truth in this, it doesn't take much reflection to see how the reptile in us really has been, and continues to be, a dominating destructive force (be it in small or big ways) that reacts with relatively free reign over our lives.

In seeing this, it should come as no surprise then to discover that, politicians and the world's largest brands have been intentionally triggering our reptilian brain for their own gain, engineering campaigns designed to make us do what they want by pushing what Clotaire Rapaille (apparently "the most influential marketing expert in the world"*) describes as "The reptilian hot button." claiming that "The reptilian always wins."

A sobering thought no doubt, but is he right? Again we need only refer to our own experience to realize at times we do manage to override our base urges, but what is our ratio of success?

According to one of the mathematical laws of nature - The Paretol Rule - everything in the natural world is subject to a the 20:80 ratio. So for example our bodies are approximately 80% water, as is the planet, we spend 80% of our time with 20% of the same people in our lives, we spend around 80% of our money on the same 20% of our needs and wants and so forth. Of course there is some slight variations to be found, but in general 20:80 is the rule. 

So if this is the rule then what does it suggest about our reptilian brain's dominance in our lives? To get a clear picture we need only stand back and view our world  objectively. What is the ratio of crude to somewhat refined behavior occurring in our world? How much fear and anxiety compared to love or trust is our world expressing? How much peace versus war is occurring? 

Whatever your guess regarding the ratio of dominance of the reptilian brain, as the author I'd like to suggest there is much to be hopeful about. Regardless of where we are in the world we all instinctively and intuitively know that the world and the consciousness of its people are moving through a metamorphic phase.  

Revelations about how we may tame this snake within us based on quantum science, neuroscience (particularly brain plasticity) and the science of ancient sacred practices is showing us the way to evolve out of our baser selves, to become the noble beast that sages and philosophers have eluded to throughout the ages. 

You might say we are approaching a bifurcation point in human consciousness where each of us has the choice in which way way we choose to go: to continue to be a largely reactive creature at the mercy of our reptilian tendencies or to evolve in a way that our more noble, responsive brain becomes dominant. 

So how do we this? (Coming Soon)

More on your beastly mind

* For more information on Clotaire Rapaille 


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