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How Our Reptile Brain Effects Our Health: The Mind Body Equation

Our body is a localized field of dense energy filling space with matter. It is a pulsating consciousness that we identify with as "I" and it is charged with the subtle waves of energy that ceaselessly flow through all things. This flow is our life force and to remain physically well it needs to flow freely to us, through us, and from us. It is the thing that gives breath to our existence. When this flow becomes obstructed and cannot flow, our life force diminishes, we weaken, become ill, and eventually if not rectified, we die.

Maintaining the flow of our life force is a mind body matter. There is no doubt anymore that happiness is a state of mind and that a happy person is a healthy person who will likely live a longer life. The two go hand in hand. The same can't be said about an unhappy person, they tend not to be healthy and they tend to die prematurely. So it has to be asked how and why does the mind turn the flow of our body's life force up or down?

There are basically two kinds of thoughts, positive thoughts and negative thoughts. We also know that thoughts are things, subtle things, but things no less. Thoughts have resonance, they transmit energy, and are negatively or positively charged.

Negative thoughts are self-orientated, and originate from fear for self-preservation. They cause us to be hateful, angry, afraid, anxious, and motivate us to act in destructive ways. This is the primitive brain, our reptile brain, in action.

In contrast positive thoughts are 'other' oriented, originating from something that extends beyond ourselves, they cause us to feel loving, joyful, compassionate, grateful, and motivate us to act in creative ways. This is our super brain, our frontal lobes, in action.

Nature is infinitely smart in its aim to sustain and preserve all it creates and when we, as one of its creations, are thinking in life positive ways we are rewarded accordingly. Our thoughts cause us to be weak or strong, they affect the charge of the ions in our cell walls, and effect the current of energy moving through us. When we are in positive gear, we are charged, vital, vibrant, happy, and glowing with life. When we shift into negative gear, our energy drops, we become listless, depressed, our immune system weakens, and if sustained long enough, eventually it manifests in physical ailments. This is nature's way of warning us -  to get our charge positively flowing again.

As one develops their mind power, by practicing ways that stimulate their frontal lobes, illness might arise, but it will more than likely be a clearing of energy blocks that have been building in the body. Similarly, until one's cognitive habit is predominantly resident in their 'super brain' frontal lobes, a slip into one's reptile brain is bound to happen from time to time resulting in the odd bout of something. In this cases, treat it is an indicator that your thinking has been off track and needs switched back to the domain of your happy brain.

Note from author: I realise that for those facing a serious life illness this might seem like a pat answer. But as someone who has been in similar shoes (once diagnosed with leukemia and given two months at one point), I can assure you the mind is a miraculous healer. And given time, patience and persistence can achieve anything.

Did You Know: Deep healing occurs in the Delta brainwave state. To get the brain into the Delta brainwave state one must slow down their brainwaves. Learn more about the benefits of slower brainwave frequencies and how to make them slower.

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All articles written by C. Gray Flynn

May All Beings Know:  True Love, True Peace, True Happiness