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Making Waves With Your 'Vibe'

Our subtlest essence is pure energy, a micro universe of wavelet particles. Like a cell is to the body, or a drop is to the ocean, we are packets of conscious energy existing in the flow of a unified field. It might not look or feel this way, most of us would agree we appear to be separate, but this is an illusion, or if you prefer, a special effect created by our projecting minds.

Our sensory systems are not normally sharp enough to discern the subtler levels of reality, or if so, do not normally focus them into consciousness, and some might argue for good reason. We are no doubt incalculably complex organisms in a vast cosmic ocean. We have our place, and necessarily react, respond and exist accordingly. And like all specialised systems, our ability to function successfully is served by being limited, precise, and in possession of inalienable potential. Like a drop causing waves in an ocean or a single cell initiating a new universe of fleshy life, we too are powerful, possessing an innate ability to cause small or large waves in the cosmic sea of creative consciousness.

Relax ... Turn On Your Frontal Lobes With

Most, if not all of us have heard the expressions: bad vibes, good vibes, or something similar. Intuitively we all know what it means, because picking up the vibe of a place, thing, or person is something we do naturally, and all the time. It is built into our instinct for survival. What many of us forget however is that we ourselves are also emitting a vibe, with an effect similar to that of a drop rippling across the water.

Unlike the drop though our vibe is constant, it is drip, drip dripping into the cosmic ocean, rippling waves of conscious energy across a universal mind, having a direct effect on the quality of our lives in ways we can hardly imagine.

If we  realise, and accept, that this is the closest thing to the truth of things that science can substantiate, and words by their limit can describe, then it naturally begs the self orienting question: what vibe am I emitting?

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All articles written by C. Gray Flynn

May All Beings Know:  True Love, True Peace, True Happiness