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How Can You  Make Your Vibe Good

First of all, you cannot fool nature. No faking, deceiving, or trickery will create a positive vibe. You can try and fake it. But in the undercurrent it will be known to be untrue and will not result in the desired effect. A positive vibe can only be achieved through the emanations of a positive mind and a positive mind is the result of habits that make you feel and think positively. 

In general, thinking and feeling positively produces slower, longer, higher brainwaves, emitting a life positive signal (vibration) that the life giving charge of our greater oceanic being responds to by transmitting the same back to us.

Of course developing a fairly constant positive vibe isn't as simple as snapping your fingers and deciding to be happy or at least pretending to be, especially if it is not your natural state. But the good news is, we can, deceive ourselves, if not nature.

There is wisdom in the saying "fake it till you make it". The fact that the subconscious mind cannot discern between what is real and what is pretend is a mixed blessing. A good one, if you consciously decide to feed it thoughts that serve you well. It doesn’t matter if you don't believe them at first, if you consistently practice what you are saying, in time you will believe, because eventually your subconscious will accept it as real, making it real and causing it to be. At the same time, your brain will develop new neural pathways, literally developing a part of itself for your new belief and while doing so, its brainwaves will slow down, become longer, higher, and more powerful. You'll be positively 'vibing' out.

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