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Shedding Skins - Author's Shamanic Initiation to The Power of Her Mind and The Mind-Body Phenomenon


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Ask And It Is Given is a profound read. If you want to know how to align yourself to "The Force", "The Source", this book will teach you how. The knowledge in this book is offered by non physical beings, channeled through Esther Hicks. For those ready to receive this information, it is life transforming. Click on the image to buy.


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About Healing And Antiageing

Evermore evidence is being uncovered regarding the mind body connection. Under the new science umbrella known as epigenetics, it is now acknowledge that our health and well being, as well as our biological age, has more to do with our mind than anything else. As new articles are constantly being added to this site, you might also find articles relative to this topic in Positive Mind States Newest Articles section, or you can also check out the site map.

I have also begun a new blog with a category titled: Survivng Cancer - A Personal Journey. It is my story and in it I write about the unconventional healing practices I intuitively employed during my journey through cancer. If interested in reading more you can find it here:

Surviving Cancer - A Personal Journey

Alternatively you might like to read Shedding Skins a book about my journey with a shamanic muse that taught me about: the power of the mind, the mind-body phenomenon and how I used that knowledge in my journey through cancer.

Or to watch and listen to a video of one of the intuitve practices I did during my journey through cancer please go here: Building Cells - Surviving Cancer

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Did You Know: Slower brainwaves can increase your DHEA when in the Delta brainwave state. Learn more about the benefits of slower brainwave frequencies and how to make them slower using deeply relaxing sound recordings.

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